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Glad to find this forum!


It's been a disappointing and frustrating week for me as I have tried to sync my new ipad with itunes Itunes keeps crashing without reasons when syncing either apps, music or videos. Btw, I am using Windows XP SP3.


So far, I have not been able to play any videos because Itunes always crashes.


I have tried to re-install Itunes for more than 5 times [with fresh install] but the problem still occurs. I have also tried to downgrade to Itunes 10.5.3 as suggested in the other threads but Itunes still crashes. This only happens when syncing with the new Ipad.


I have an Ipod Nano which works great on both version of Itunes.



I am really disappointed because I can't watch movies and/or listen to music on my new ipad because it keeps crashing.


My wish is just simple. I just want to be able to watch movies and listen to my music on my new ipad. Sadly, this is not possible yet.


Can anyone help?

iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, Windows XP, SP3, 2GB RAM
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    I get the exactly the same problem with win 7, i rang apple support who suggested i try another machine/or create another account on my machine???? why should i, stupid ipad 3rd gen is now sitting here un syncable, apple support ....tut tut very poor support, its a shame im out of the 7 day period otherwise this ipad would be going straight back, older versions of itunes worked fine, some one must know a fix for this??