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Psilocybe Level 1 (10 points)

Does anyone know if it's possible to wirelessly sync a folder of images to an iPad? Does the iPhoto for iPad include some sort of sync over wifi? Much appreciated!

  • lllaass Level 10 (175,852 points)

    Yes. Sync via wifi and include Photes in the sync. To turn on wifi sync with the iPad connected to the computer go to the Summary pane for the iPad in iTunes and chenc the wifi sync box.

    To then sync go to Setting>General>wifi sync.

  • Demo Level 10 (88,796 points)

    You can use a third party app for this as well as WiFi sync with iTunes. Look at PhotoSync in the app store. There are other apps that will do this as well so search the app store for more.

  • Psilocybe Level 1 (10 points)

    So syncing with iTunes WiFi sync will place folders found in iPhoto or a folder into the 'Events' area of the iPad?

  • Demo Level 10 (88,796 points)

    It all depends on how you have the photos categorized on your computer. You are mentioning iPhoto so I am assuming that you are using a Mac and syncing photos from iPhoto in iTunes.


    If you categorize the photos in iPhoto on the Mac and then sync them via wifi to the iPad, they will be in the events folder in the photos app. If you categorize the photos into albums in iPhoto on the Mac, when you sync, those photos will be in the albums tab in the photos app.

  • mezorba Level 2 (195 points)

    Use the app "Dropbox."