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Ok Apple people, you better give me some customer service.

I am getting this error message whenever my iPod needs to sync after i try to click/drag to add songs or delete something. I see the songs I'm trying to add in the "Music" section of my device on iTunes, but they are not on the actual iPod. I have reset my iPod, restarted my computer, waited a few days, downloaded the new version of iTunes, uninstalled and redownloaded it, tried using another computer account, and i really, really do not want to have to restore it because that is just dumb and i'm sure there's some other way to fix it. I have never had voiceover activated, and i don't automatically sync it. I have windows 7, if that helps.


Seriously Apple? What happened to user friendly? NOTHING is working. I have usually been able to fix iTunes problems in the past by myself and I'm pretty knowledgeable about it. But this has got me at the end of my rope, so help me. Now.

iPod nano, Windows 7, 6th generation, tried everything