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I am now editting a drums score, where I want to change the staff style. However, I found that the drum group are fixed. Therefore, I would like to change the mapped instrument setting of the drum track. How can I do that?

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    This can be a fiddly process:


    In the Environment, create a new Mapped Instrument Object, and cable it up to the Instrument Channel you are using.


    Assign the Arrange track to that Mapped Instrument (variety of methods, try dragging from the Environment directly to the Arrange track header)


    In the Score Editor, create a duplicate #drums style



    You are now ready to go back to the Environment Mapped Instrument, start changing note-heads, transpositions of individual notes, and their group assignments.


    If needed, go back to the new drums style, and add/change groups/voice assignments etc.




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    *create a new Mapped Instrument Object


    I have chosen "MIDI Instr." -> "New" -> "Mapped Instrument". Then, an icon tagged "(Mapped Instr.)" appears at the blank grey area. Then, I don't know how to cable it up to the Instrument Channel.

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    This is easiest done in the 'Mixer' layer of the Environment:


    To cable up... simply click and drag the small triangle top left of the object to the correct channel strip


    You'll get an alert box asking about "ports" etc, just 'Remove'


    Cable 2.png