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Hi Folks,

       Here's a strange one.

I always believed that Streamclip would not convert MTS files, but, having nothing to do this morning I tried to convert one to Pro Res LT and blow me down, it worked and seems to be playing fine.I got the message"unrecognised file type" but went ahead anyway. It was a 50p file and conformed fine to 25fps in Cinema Tools. It seemed to be the consensus of opinion on this forum that this couldn't happen, what gives ? anyone else had success.


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    I've just answered my own question, I downloaded the AVCCAM Importer plug in from Panasonic a few weeks ago, so that I could view my MTS files. Not only does the plug in allow you to view the files in Quicktime player, but also convert them with Mpeg Streamclip and Quicktime 7 Pro.