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    Yes grikster is correct. Its most likely not the 5.1.1. update that's causing your issue.  See my previous post top of page 4 in this thread. You had asked about downgrading so I provided you that info. The reality is the reset most likely will resolve the issue. Also you may need to delete any exchange email accounts you may have, reboot the iPhone then add them back.  That is also a known issue causing your issue. Again, 5.1.1 itself is not creating this issue.

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    Hi just to report that my 3gs is back to normal battery use.

    Since I reset I had to reinstate my wallpaper and auto lock times and chage mt vodafone network setting from wap to pp. Wifi passwords were saved (took me ages to get some of them)

    I  have 25% left after 20 hours


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    How do you downgrade back to 5.1?

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    You don't without hacking the phone, and it probably won't help, as others have reported.

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    Hello all,


    I had a unique experience updating to iOS 5.1.1 on my 4S so I thought I'd share:


    -Previously running iOS 5.1 without any issues. Battery life was great (have always followed the various guides to extending battery life: disable location time zone, siri raise-to-speak, BT off, etc, etc).

    -Decided to completely wipe my phone, update to 5.1.1, and restore from an iTunes Backup.

    -After I updated to 5.1.1 and restored from iTunes I noticed the battery draining noticiably faster, BUT NOT AS BAD as described in the previous posts

    -I 'recalibrated' the battery 3 times over the past few days allowing the battery to drain until the phone shut itself off, then recharging to 100% untinerupted (overnight actually)

    -Even after recalibrating the battery 3 times I saw no improvement.


    -I followed half of the procedure listed on the "top of Page 4" (Reset All Settings) in this thread and also reset my Gmail account (setup as Gmail, not Exchange) and strangely am now experiencing the very fast battery drain people have been describing.


    I'm hoping that completely draining the battery and recharging it will fix the problem. Will post my results when I find out!


    Cheers and thanks for all the suggestions so far,


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    Hello everyone!

    I tested iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Both having all iCloud features enabled and with push email.

    iPhone 3GS by iTunes restore method and iPhone 4 by OTA.

    I didn't find any difference in the battery life of 3GS but significant drain in iPhone 4.

    We jus keep on blaming Apple for no reasons . If you follow these tips, it will definitely make huge difference in the battery life!. It made a significant difference for me on all the devices I own irrespective of the subversions of iOS 5.


    I have select push notifications on both the devices and they're connected to 3G when outside home and WiFi when at home.


    Backup and restore (If possible)


    Firstly, I let the iPhone discharge down to 10% battery (charge it later to 100% without disturbing) jus to calibrate it and I did "Reset Location Warnings", "Reset Network Settings" and after that "Reset All Settings"

    After the welcome setup, I turned off location services for (in system services) :

    1. Diagnostics and Usage

    2. Location based iAds

    3. Setting Time Zone


    - Turned off notification sounds for some apps which are not that important.

    - Decreased the brightness down to 40% coz it is favorable for me, your choice to keep it lil low. (with auto-brightness)

    - Bluetooth is always off (It is turned ON by default when we do "Reset All Settings")

    - Auto Lock is 1 Minute.

    - Here I experimented by turning off calenders in iCloud (which made moderate difference in the standby).

    - Kept push email ON only for 1 account and manually fetching the other accounts (As per your preference and priority). I have even experimented on removing and setting up email accounts once again.

    - When I open the app which has location based services, it now asks me whether to allow location or not, so even here as per preference, I selected "Yes/No" as per requirement. (Permissions asked after "Reset Location Warnings")

    - I also turned off location-based weather coz it constantly keeps on using location frequently and even data to keep on updating it the frequently, so moderate drain)


    I also follow these tips :

    1. Turn off all the background apps when not required.

    2. Turned off push notifications for the apps which I don't really require.

    3. Turn off iTunes Ping from Restrictions.

    4. Text alerts to be kept as minimum.

    5. Turn off automatic downloads (For me, it is sheer waste of bandwidth)

    6. In wi-fi settings (Turn off "Ask to Join Networks") why not select it manually if you want to save enough juice for the whole day?

    Now I get a sufficient battery life for more than a day and it works like a charm.

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    let me tell you the funniest thing related to this problem....


    i did not even update it to 5.1.1 .... i was so ****** about the last updates from Apple, so i choosed to ignore it this time, as my phone was working fine after the 5.1 update.... but since the time i recieved ios 5.1.1 update notification on my phone and itunes (which i ignored by the way) .... my phone is loosing battery super fast... for no reason....


    this is not acceptable Apple. how come they mess up with the core phone softwares all the time.... you are just good with UI softwares.... nothing else


    now i dont know should i update to 5.1.1 or stay on 5.1 .... my life is not easier after i bought this iphone at such a cut throat price.... SHIIITTTTT

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    I understand all the agony, its really shame that a great company like Apple doesnt do a more standard way of reflashing new firmwares. Its all very inconsistant after upgrading an iPhone. How can you explain that this info about reseting and letting battery do a full charge and wait 2 hours even after it gets to 100%.


    This should all come in the Manuals, or they need a better OTA update Team working on this methods. I hope iOS6 comes with better features in this aspect, all update should be consistant, this is your next main goal Apple. You spend more resources on cleaning Cydia-JB bugs than in these Major aspects on the phone.


    I own a iPhone 4S, im pleased (but i came from an Nokia), my main displease is the inconsistent battery drainage. Its very bad and i would expect more from a product with an Apple logo.


    Please correct this, make the update consistant for all, just pay someone better because the ones you have working on this are not leading you anywhere good.

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    I agree I just got the new install and battery drains so much, I don't even use the phone for long, before this I never had any issues ever with battery

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    Today I have created an account to join in this discussion about the iOS 5.1.1 update.


    I own an iPhone 3gs. After the iOS 5.1.1 update my phone would not recognize my Apple USB wall charger. I connected the iPhone to my Philips iPhone dock and it would begin to play music from the iPhone, but still wouldn't charge.


    I used a USB cable my friend had hooked up to their computer and it would charge, if the cable was inserted at an angle.


    (Which makes me think it is a hardware issue. I have already looked at parts to replace the charging port on my iPhone 3gs)


    I went to Best Buy and purchased a new Apple USB wall charger. While connecting the iPhone it won't charge. My iPod charges on all cables, connects to the Philips dock and is recognized by my computer.



    But I have discovered a way to get the iPhone to charge with the new cable.


    -Turn off your iPhone.

    -As it is off plug your USB cable into your iPhone for it to charge


    As the phone powers up recognizing the USB cable it should begin to charge since it shows the lightning bolt symbol over the battery. This is the only way I found to get my iPhone to charge with the iOS 5.1.1.



    Maybe this information will help somebody.


    P.S. my iPhone isn't recognized by iTunes anymore either, once again I haven't ruled out a hardware issue but my iPhone worked fine till this recent update. Unfortunately I have erased all content and set up my phone as new hoping that could fix it but I can't connect to iTunes and restore my phone.

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    @upstart. I had a problem similar and there was a small piece of paper stuck in the port. I used an air duster. (can of dry clean air)

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    hey guys,


    i have to say that 5.1.1 is way better and nicely good in battery lenght, compared with 5.0.1 its an huge improvment and i can say the problems are solved. Here´s what i did:


    - Backup on iTunes

    - Pushed RESTORE and it downloads 5.1.1 and installs.

    - Look at the phone when finished and do a NEW PHONE installation, ignore the options on iTunes leave it connected to the Computer.

    - If you have a Cloud backup even better, you can enter the data in this New Phone Settings Config.


    After this, i did a RESET ALL on the iPhone 4s. After its over i selected the retore backup option on iTunes


    In the end, i left the battery to 10% and just left the phone connected to the power for some hours straight without using it, leave it at night when you sleep for example. If you want to do a full charge, be aware that the 100% is not the upper limit of the charging. Leave it 1h connected to the power after reaching 100%. Now i have 100% like for the first 2 hours of battery strange but good.


    It now as perfect consuming hours. This weekend i have 30h in standby and a couple of hours using it.


    Turn off when not in need the 3G, or Wifi, whatever you are using, of course turn off bluetooth as well. I dont use Location often so its off by default too.


    I just wished that Apple add a SBSettings menu on notification center, so we could turn off and on all the hardware easily. The Menu under Settings is not pratical in any way.


    Feel like im using a new phone now with 5.1.1, all very nice, finally.

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    can someone please help me? my iphone 3gs won't charge at all after the ios5.1.1 update. It was completely fine before that. absolutely no problems whether charging from a wall socket or my Mac.


    i tried resetting it and letting drain completely before trying to charge. but nothing. it's still not charging. although it does show the battery and lightning symbol. instead of the 2 pin plug and lightning symbol. this should mean that it's charging but there hasn't been any improvement. it's still almost empty and i can't turn the phone back on.


    It does look like Apple gave us an ios that's ****** and breaks anything that isn't an iphone 4.




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    Did you try what I posted above? Turn the phone off. Then connect the USB wall charger to your phone while it is off. This is the only way my 3gs will charge. Try that. It seems you are at that point anyway.


    Hope it works. Post if it doesn't.

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