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    sbailey4 wrote:


    Are you sure? I suspect Apple is still signing 5.1 so if you do the manual update (browse for the ipsw file after downloading it) it should work. I have not tried it because 5.1.1. seems just fine to me but it may still work for now.


    KC7GNM wrote:


    Yan870126 wrote:


    how to downgrade to iOS 5.1.0 from iOS 5.1.1?

    You can't.

    The last time I tried, Apple is still signing 5.1. I got a little too technical in a help thread I've made and it was removed.. and the perceived intention was to jailbreak. But no. I don't get why the forum mods aren't aware what's happening in the software engineers' office.


    Anyway, it did work. 5.01, 4.35, 4.31 etc will not work though.


    When Apple releases a new firmware, they temporarily continue signing of the preceeding version for about 2 weeks or so.

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    I did the downgrade and could notice the difference right away, the phone (4S) lasted the whole day (mine being from 6:40 am to 12:00 am) without any problems, in 5.1 the phone drops 1% every hour, with 5.1.1 it could drop 1% every 18 mins!! i even left it unplugged the whole night and when i woke up it was still alive with 8% energy left.


    With 5.1.1, i did the resets, the restore from backup, and also the option to configure it as a new phone but none worked, perhaps it got a little better but kept spending too much energy doing i don´t know what.


    Thank god Apple is still signing 5.1.

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    seems that goin android is the bet solution!


    thats my THRID ip4s in 3 month!

    the first had weird data usage rates and bugs in apps

    the second just decided to shut down wifi (hardware issue i guess even though phone was NEVER dropped), restore didnt help (was on iOS 5.1 anyways)

    then comes the third device (thanks apple for at least replacing the device!) and the 5.1.1 is just dumb with battery usage .. gone from 100 to 93% overnight (6 hours) when the phone was on air plane mode!


    can we downgrade to iOS 5.1.0 or we're stuck and have to go through the reseting stuff which i feel has a placebo effect .. comon apple we didnt buy a device to keep on tryin weird stuff and resting it !!

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    how did u downgrade?

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    shift+restore, i don't think going android is the best solution, i come from a SGS2, and the battery isn't better than the one in the 4S, i didn't want to buy a 4S because i tought the battery was cr*p, but it was the opposite, with the 4S i'm sure that it will last the whole day and more

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    i know .. battery in SGS2 ***** but at least with android you have freedom elsewhere..


    anyways im on mac so i guess (shift+restore) would mean (command or option +restore) but the problem is that my itunes only keeps the latest backup (ONLY ONE!) so i have nothing but 5.1.1 to go to ..


    my 4s was goin great until the wifi stopped working (i replaced the device) and the battery started draining (with the new iOS) thats why im just hopin to fix the software issue.. the device used to last a whole day of normal usage unlike these days when it drains to 20% in 6-7 of less than normal usage

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    I did a full restore of my phone, set it up entirely as a new phone. No good, I was still leaking battery at a rate of 10-15%/hour. I went to the Apple Store to see if I could get help. Was told that they haven't seen battery problems following the 5.1.1 update, but acknowledged it was a new update. They suggested some power management fixes, but none of them addressed the problem.


    I downloaded the appropriate iOS 5.1 update file from Apple's servers, and iTunes has let me install it without any complaints whatsoever. I'll post back with whether my battery situation has improved.

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    After i upgrade to this 5.1.1 my iphone 4s shutting down to 50% then it wont turn on it says low battery(icon) then if i put on the charger it start with 50% battery. I never had this problem before. I hope i ddnt upgrade. Next time i will not buy iphone becoz of this. Huhu i hate my phone now its turning off frequently do not upgrade to 5.1.1

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    can u please provide me with the link to download iOS 5.1 ?

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    No it aint a matter of apps running in the background.. even with a restarted device and while having all apps closed .. the phone will lose 7% of battery during a 6 hour period (at night) when it's actually on airplane mode..

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    Vennzach don't hate your phone, read the whole thread first because members and i have posted a solution that could work for you, and for ASF88, go to page 4 to find the download links.

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    Vennzach, like Lwlm58 said, don't hate your phone. I had similar issues for 2 months and eventually I found out that my battery was at fault. But, I was at fault as well in the way I used the phone. It might not really make sense, but I would strongly suggest not to have the Wi-Fi and 3G enabled when you don;t really require them. Use it only when you need to check emails etc. That will save your battery life at large. I am practicing that now, post changing my battery. I had charged 15 hrs back and removed from charging when it was 96%.My usage now is 1hr, 13 mins and Satndby is 12hrs and 28 mins. My battery percentage now is 77%. So, for now everything looks good. Not upgraded yet to 5.1.1. Will wait for some more time, get the reviews and then think about it.

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    You might have fixed it for some users by mine is abysmal on my 3gs now.

    fully charged 2 hours 33 min ago, now down to 62%.

    All problems since 5.1.1


    My wife has Pulmonary hypertension and Multiple sclerosis and I am her carer. ( and I work too)

    My phone keeps dying! I need to plug in one hour in four



    I know I am screaming in a black hole but I had to register my plight

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    Hi tony

    Please try the reset then drain completely leaving it on charge for 1.5 hours after its reached 100% make sure your phone is switched off when charging, then repeat the drain/ charging cycle two or 3 times you can see the difference after the second go... I was draining 10% hour on standby and 20% useage after reading that someone else tried draining and repeating it, I thought why not and it has worked wanders. I got 18 hours usage yesterday with 8 on standby!!

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