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Hello, my name is Martin Vila.


I posted about this same issue a few weeks ago hopping that apple will give an update about 5.1 IOS for Ipad 2 but becouse I need my Ipad for dental school almost everyday i went and search a solution for my poor battery life. After upgrading to 5.1 my Ipad is almost useless with a battery life of 3 hours only with WIFI (this only happen hours after I update to 5.1) So i been searching on the web and I have found a few posts about this, but they are not confirm if this is an 100% solution, they say if i restored my Ipad from scratch using Itunes player my IOS will redownload and the battery will be ok ones again, so is this true, has anybody had this same problem before and had try this solution?, also if I restored my Ipad and I backup with Icloud my Ipad will be with the same apps and contents? I only care for "The skeleton system pro" app because I have a lot of notes in there.


PS: Sorry for my bad grammar, but english is my second language, greetings from Peru

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1