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I have been using it for years without a problem, but suddenly my Podcasts won't show up in the 'Podcasts' section of my iPod Nano.


They sync fine, are definitely in the iPod and I can even see the correct picture icons under the 'podcasts' section on the main menu, but when I click into it, it says 'no podcasts'.


I can search for them under 'Music', 'search' and find them as if they are a song, I just can't access them from the Podcast menu.


Can anyone help?


Of course I've checked other threads with similar problems, but nothing seems to help, or quite fit this problem


Any advice would be much appreciated.



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    Are these podcasts stored in your main iTunes Music library or do they show in the podcasts section of your iTunes library?



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    they are stored in in the Podcasts section of my iTunes library.


    The strange thing is, that they are definitely in my iPod, and they even look like they are in the Podcasts section from the main menu on the iPod, but when I click in, they are just not there!

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    Perhaps a hard reset will take care of it.

    How to reset iPod


    Have also you tried removing and resyncing these podcasts to see if that helps?


    It might even help to go so far as to restore the iPod to factory settings altogether and then resync all of your content back over to it.



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    Hello again,


    Thanks for your reply again.


    I should have mentioned that I've already tried restoring it to the factory settings and reloading everything back on, but it didn't work.


    The podcasts are even behaving like podcasts (i.e. they remove themselves automatically once played the next time I plug it in), they are just difficult to find on the iPod


    It's most strange...

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    So you are finding them under Music correct?  Do these podcasts show up from under the iPod's Podcast configuration pane in iTunes?



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    Thank you, I've solved it!


    I had TWO Podcast panes in iTunes for some reason, one was empty and obselete, and one was full of Podcasts. It seems that the iPod had picked up the empty one.


    I just deleted the empty one and it's back to normal now.


    Thanks for all your help, it is very much appreciated!



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    Glad to hear that.



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    Hi! Hope you can help me.

    I have the very same problem like Luke. The only thing thats wrong is that there's just one Podcast Pane that I have in my iTunes.

    I know my Podcasts are on my iPod, as I can listen to them, only by going to Music and then search the title.

    That's it. I have tried resetting it too. But again when I open my Podcast 'folder' that is located in the main menu, No Podcast message still appears
    I hope you can help me.

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    Solved my problem, your post is much appreciated.