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Hi, I am suddently having trouble with LiveType with a project I created.  It's a 1080i project, 2 tracks of text, one effect on the second track, both tracks matted to a jpeg image (so the image shows through the text).  To play it in LT takes about 45 seconds to render per frame (unusual) and once done, and I import it to FCP (V 7.0.3), it takes an hour to render the 4 second-long project.  The length of time is very unusual, I have been creating lots of other small projects and everything else is very fast.  I think perhaps it's something to to do with the matte?  The speed seemsed to drop when I applied that.  Any help would be appreciated, I hope I've provided enough information. Thank you.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2x 3.2 GHz Quad Core proc.