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Hi -


I have been trying to set up Profile manager for a few weeks now. I finally got it installed and almost working. I am now able to install devices and connect them to the profile manager server. When I try to push a wipe or lock or any other command the device does not recieve the command either on the network or outside the network. I have tired with a MAC Book and iPad both seem to have issues recieveing push notification. Any ideas what needs to be changed.



Solved by cellcore on May 8, 2012 11:26 AM Solved

Do you have the APNS ports accessible on the server?




I have these open on TCP only 5223,2195,2196,1640


When viewing the Profile Manager interface can you see the information about the devices that are enrolled?


Whenever I add a new device to Profile Manager, I login and add a placeholder under devices and type in the name and serial number of the device and then go to the device and download the trust certificates and enroll the device. Refresh Profile Manager and the device will show up in that placeholder with all the information about it (battery percent, OS version, etc)