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Apple Support won't help unless I pay the extra 29.95 'agreement,' which I find ridiculous; considering how much time/hassle I've invested into Apple TV/Gen 2.


For starters, when I had in the past been able to get homesharing sorted, ATV kept kicking me out of the network, and have to input  password etc over and over again. When I finally do get to watch a film (that takes ages to load!), it often kicks me out through the movie, at least 3-4x in a 2 hr span. It's not a network problem, strong signal, and I subscibe to the fastest internet service avail. Everyone I know with this product has similar complaints.


Issue #2: Presently,  I cannot even turn on homesharing on the ATV, despite my itunes on my imac has homesharing turned on.

When I try to turn it on on my ATV, it tells me my account does not exist (despite me logging onto itunes with the same id/password- same one I use to log on to this post!).


Would appreciate any advice/help. I have been always very happy with Apple products, but terribly disappointed with ATV- and judging by the amount of discussions generated by this very topic, I am not alone. Yes, it's only $99, but I think Apple needs to sort these issues out, or risk losing customers.


It really is hard to believe a company like apple would approve such a shoddy product with awful support-c'mon apple- at the very least, drop the 29.95 phone support charge- considering the amount of issues people are having with this product. Shame on you.

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