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Apple Support won't help unless I pay the extra 29.95 'agreement,' which I find ridiculous; considering how much time/hassle I've invested into Apple TV/Gen 2.


For starters, when I had in the past been able to get homesharing sorted, ATV kept kicking me out of the network, and have to input  password etc over and over again. When I finally do get to watch a film (that takes ages to load!), it often kicks me out through the movie, at least 3-4x in a 2 hr span. It's not a network problem, strong signal, and I subscibe to the fastest internet service avail. Everyone I know with this product has similar complaints.


Issue #2: Presently,  I cannot even turn on homesharing on the ATV, despite my itunes on my imac has homesharing turned on.

When I try to turn it on on my ATV, it tells me my account does not exist (despite me logging onto itunes with the same id/password- same one I use to log on to this post!).


Would appreciate any advice/help. I have been always very happy with Apple products, but terribly disappointed with ATV- and judging by the amount of discussions generated by this very topic, I am not alone. Yes, it's only $99, but I think Apple needs to sort these issues out, or risk losing customers.


It really is hard to believe a company like apple would approve such a shoddy product with awful support-c'mon apple- at the very least, drop the 29.95 phone support charge- considering the amount of issues people are having with this product. Shame on you.

AppleTV 2
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    have you tried to hard reset it? full restore it? have you tried rebooting the router? resetting the router?

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    thanks for the response!

    Yeah, ,tried all of the above..can't seem to figure it?!

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    Will it work on a hard wired connection?

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    I have experienced the same exact problem as you with my ATV2. I also cannot WIFI sync any of my devices (iphones, ipads). Tried everything I could find on the internet to no avail, including resets of router, itunes, bonjour services, update and repair of all apple related services, turning off firewall, opening ports, going back to an earlier itunes version etc etc. Same problem exists. There seems to be a ton of info out there, but none of it from apple. Anyway, I will follow this discussion to see if anyone has any new suggestions for you.

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    According to Apple techs. it is better to have a wireless N (5Ghz) connection or ethernet if you are going to stream video.


    As for the "Home Sharing", they usually ask you to reset your paswword, restart your mac, log out of the iTunes store and log back in. Then try doing the home sharing with an ethernet cable (since the wireless could be a problem)


    Also all macs with home sharing must be in the same network hooked up by the same router.