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. in a pre-emptive OS there should be no freezing;

given the new concurrency model

that includes the use of the graphics processor GPU

to do the system's non-graphics processing,

my current guess is that the freezes happen when

something goes wrong in the GPU,

and the CPU is just waiting forever .

. the CPU needs to have some way of getting control back,

and sending an exception message to

any of the processes that were affected by the hung-up GPU .

. could anybody at

correct this theory or comment on it ?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7), vmware`fusion 3.1.4,ubuntu,xp,vista
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    Is this true unending freezing where no control or force quitting can be used, or just freezing for long periods?


    Most of the 1st instance is from incompatible or damages .kexts that are at the heart of the OS to control/access the Hardware. Most of the second instance are due to reduced resources like RAM, Disk Free Space, or intermittent hardware problems.

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    . my memory is foggy on how long I've waited for a freeze;

    I now consider a freeze forever if it

    prevents me from reaching the force quit menu or keys .

    . I may have incompatible or damaged .kexts ?

    not sure what causes those;

    the problem typically happens when

    Apple upgrades the OS;

    I suppose because that is testing new parts of my GPU .

    . I don't think buggy motherboards or video cards are going away;

    I wish Apple would architect things to stay in control .

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    the problem typically happens when Apple upgrades the OS

    If you have 3rd party kexts installed, the likely need to be removed or updated when the OS changes.

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    . thanks for pointing me at .kexts (kernel extensions);

    I wasn't aware that any of my apps used .kexts,

    but the MacFUSE I just tossed does use them .

    . I had soundflower too,

    but the Lion upgrade apparently rejected it .

    the other apps I'm running that are not Apple's

    include FlipForMac WMV (doesn't appear to use a .kext)

    and the newest version of Vmware Fusion

    3.1.4 (683826).

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    Have you every opened Console & checked the crash logs or system log for the causes?


    How to read Crash Logs...


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    thank you,

    I look forward to developing for mac eventually,

    and tn2123.html should help with my bugs;


    in the case of the freezes I'm getting,

    there are no crash reports;

    the software is simply looping,

    or the hardware communcations are waiting,

    so I'm giving it a hard reset .

    . someone mentioned that such a frozen machine

    is still responsive to network traffic,

    and if you have an iphone, you can use it to

    log in and send a shutdown command .

    . they never mentioned how to do that,

    and since I recently got an ipod touch,

    I'm thinking about researching that;

    but most of my work is in komodo edit,

    and that has automated backups .

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    Automatic backups can freeze a machine that is too full.  Mac OS X requires at least 15% of your disk space to be free to avoid the most common freeze occurances.  I recommend Textwrangler for editing text files on the Mac.  And system wide automatic backups can really freeze if you have too many files.  I only do backups when my machine is unattended.

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    komodo edit could never overfill the machine;

    because I have it contained in a virtual machine

    that has a fixed-size memory allocation .

    . I understand Textwrangler is a great, free mac editor;

    but, one reason I'm using komodo edit

    is that I like to work in a virtual machine;

    and one great, free operating system for doing that

    is ubuntu linux, but Textwrangler does not support linux .

    . for more about virtual macines, see vmware Fusion.

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    Oh I'm quite familiar with them.  I suggest working with VMWare on finding out what may be tasking your system.  I use VirtualBox instead of VMWare.  You don't need Linux to run Komodo Edit:

    Running an entire Linux operating system on top of Mac OS X is a resource hog in of itself, and not all Virtual Machines are optimized the same way.

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    . I do actually have komodo edit on the mac too,

    but, I like to run my editor next to my browser,

    and, I'm quite convinced that a browser in a virtual machine

    is still safer than any browser directly on the mac;

    simply because the malware has 2 hoops to jump through

    before it can get to the host kernel,

    unless it knows of a vmware hole .


    . when I first ran VirtualBox I was really excited about

    openware that would protect me from browser malware .

    . but VirtualBox was not ready;

    and, it made me have your exact sentiments:

    "( Running an entire Linux [OS] on top of Mac OS X

    is a resource hog ...) -- it crawled;

    but do I actually have to buy vmware?!

    . VMWare, on the other hand,

    not only had a lightning fast mouse action,

    it also had a working usb connection;

    and, it was very stable on Leapard

    (can't recall VirtualBox's record on that count).


    . I have been following both the VMWare and Apple threads

    on this total hard freeze,

    and some other people here have claimed

    the same thing I did:

    a new version of kernel or kext caused the

    hidden flaws in the hardware to become obvious .

    . some claimed to fix the flaw by

    rolling back to Leapard,

    others by going back to earlier versions vmware,

    and some by replacing the mother board or graphics card .

    . multi-threading is notoriously hard,

    and today's GCD is massively multi-threaded

    by way of the grossly complicated GPU cores .

    . my point has been,

    a pre-emptive OS is a pretty simple concept;

    so, why can't we have one?

    . if an OS is really rock solid,

    it should never be the case that an app can

    cause a hard freeze; an app is just a task,

    and the task supervisor should always be

    making a routine visit to the user's gui task;

    so, vmware or any other app

    has nothing to do with it:

    in a solid OS, an app's kext should not even be

    capable of tying up the thread supervisor .

    . what they need to do is replace mach with the L4,

    and not bloat the task manager .

    (again, I'm no expert, I'm looking for

    verification of my hunches ).

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    No one is perfect.  Case and point your syntax does not meet English grammatical standards.  While fine in some geek realms, if you hope to obtain a job in an English speaking office, you need to understand as well as write more clear English.  Capitalize as I do every first letter of every sentence.  Attempt to put your periods and the end of the last word without spacing it from the last word.  Have a look at Strunk and White's "Elements of Style."  And once you can get a job as a programmer maybe one day you'll be able to get a job at and uncover the true weaknesses of Apple's kernel, and not just guess where they reside.  Because until then, all you have is hearsay about which system is more stable, and no way to really prove it.  I am not perfect either, but I make every effort as a 40 year old to communicate with the tools I am aware of.  Rules in English are the same as rules in programming.  They are there to hold the structure together.  You disregard structure at your own peril.

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    My bad, Apple has moved the jobs page.  Google is your friend.  I have not the time to look for it now.

  • a brody Level 9 (65,753 points)  Looks like they have a single link that redirects to the country they have positions in, depending on which country you are browsing from.

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    > "( your syntax does not meet English grammatical standards.


    . it's a funny thing about conformity;

    as a dual citizen of usa and uk,

    I don't know how to spell;

    but I see the american point:

    call a z-sound a z;

    and let's be brief, neighboUr;

    can't we just be neighbors?

    > "( Rules in English are the same as rules in programming.


    . if I used capitalization to mark the beginning,

    that would change the spelling

    and thus the meaning of my program!

    why are we doing it this way?

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