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I have an Airport Extreme Base station with external hard disk storage devices attached and wish to use 'Back to My Mac' to access those drives remotely from my MacBook laptop when I am not at home on my own WIFI network.  I have 'Back to My Mac' enabled on the Airport Extreme Base station where my AppleID and password have been entered and stored correctly in the configuration, NAT Port Mapping is enabled.  Also, on my MacBook laptop preferences I do have 'Back to My Mac' enabled under the iCloud Preferences pane; however, I am receiving the following message next to that option: "Set up router for better performance" and when I click the "MORE" button for additional information on this issue I get the following pop up message:


What am I doing wrong? Why can't I access these external storage devices remotely?  I can only access them when I am at home on my MacBook within my own Airport Extreme WIFI Network but not when I am away from home.  Oh, and I also have an Airport Express wireless router at home used primarily for AirPlay, but it only extends the same WIFI network as the Airport Extreme base station.

MacBook2.1 Intel Core 2 Duo, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    Your tagline states that your using Snow Leopard. BTMM & iCloud require Lion.


    Please check out the following two Apple Support articles to see if either will help:

    Finally, check out this AirPort User Tip as well.

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    sorry that tagline must be old...i upgraded to OSX Lion awhile ago

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    Did you ever find a solution, Jim? I'm trying to do the same thing.

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    BTMM is working ok with my new Time Capsule and my home ISP at least in theory. I leave my external disks plugged into the TimeCapsule which is configured using my AppleID and password for the BTMM feature and get the 'green light' indicating that everything is configured properly.  Also my iCloud Settings in my System Preferences control panel gets a green light next to the Back to My Mac Feature when I configure it with my AppleID and password and check mark the box indicating I would like to utilize Back to My Mac.


    Now the problem is coming from outside my home environment.  When I logon to a MacBook that has my AppleID account information included as a userId on a different MacBook on a different wireless network, I expect to be able to get Back to the MacBook on my home wireless network including getting Back to the External Disks that are attached to my Home Network's Time Capsule.  But this MacBook continues to give me the Check Router Setup message and suggests that UPnP and NAT are not configured properly on the ATT UVerse 2Wire Modem/Gateway that is handling network traffic on the remote networkl  Any suggestions?

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    AT&T U-Verse 2Wire Residential Gateways (RGs) do not support UPnP. Some AT&T users suggest putting the Time Capsule (or AirPort Extreme) into the DMZ of the RG; some suggest buying a block of static IP addresses, which can similarly bypass the routing bits of the RG (almost entirely).