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  • William Stanton Level 1 (0 points)

    No I didn't. But I will try it now and report back. You said earlier you only saw several 1.7 MB files…

  • maylbu Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for replying but remember I'm talking about Safari 6 in Mountain Lion, please see my post,

  • NowApple Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, that's correct, I get several files of 1.7 Mb.


    After your post I tried again and the files were still 1.7 mb, so I changed video resolution to i1080 and it made the 11.3 mb file, although the problem was the same, the file cannot be watched.

  • William Stanton Level 1 (0 points)

    I see what you mean. But I did get it to work. The full video file is actually 55.5 MB. Go to the YouTube page and try it again. Pay close attention to the activity window and you should see the full video file appear briefly and then stop loading. Simply option-double-click on the word "cancelled" in red text and enjoy.

  • Dougalan Level 1 (0 points)

    This is my first posting. I’ve used the Mac since 1987 and I’m writing this on a MacBook Air Mid 2011 with 1.8 Mhz. Core i7, 4 megs of RAM, 256 SSD running Mac OSX 10.7.4 Lion. This is what I use to download with.


    I have enjoyed using Safari to download videos from YouTube. Then they took away the ability to bring up the download manager in Safari. As long as I had MPEG Streamclip software I could still use the activity monitor and copy the “megabytes file” and download it using the “open URL” in MPEG Streamclip then click download and save. Then the files started to be 1.7 megs in length and I learned to right click (control click) on the video and use “pop out” so that the video in the activity monitor was again one size in megabytes. And then in Safari 6 they took out the activity monitor. I have figured out a way to download any video, at any size that it comes in, to my desktop for viewing at a later date or on a different Mac device any time I want to. The only problem is I have to use three programs to do it. If you don’t mind doing that it’s really quite simply and fast.


    The programs are Safari 6, MPlayerX 1.0.14 (you can find it at the Apple Store) and MPEG Streamclip Mac version 1.9.3b7 (you can find it on the web).


    1. Open up YouTube in Safari 6 and choose the video you want to copy.

    2. Start the video and then choose the size of the video you want to have.

    3. Right click (control click) on the video and choose “copy video URL” (normally you can then use MPEG Streamclip to download the video since you now have the URL but it doesn’t work that way)

    4. Open MPlayerX and under the “file” menu choose “open URL” or (command U) then paste (command V) the URL you copied in YouTube and then click OK. It will take a little while (5 to 15) seconds for the video to come up. In that time you will notice that you can’t save in MPlayerX.

    5. With the video now playing in MPlayerX in the menu open “window” and choose “media info” or (‘small’ i). An inspector screen will open on your screen and it will have the name of the video. Under that name is the work “Source”. Click your curser on URL in “Source” so that you see the flashing curser. Then “select all” (command A) and “copy” (command C). Then quit MPlayerX.

    6. Open MPEG Streamclip and in the “file menu” choose “open URL” (command U) and “paste” (command V) the URL you copied in MPlayerX into the box after the words “Enter the URL address of the stream:”. Then choose “Download” in the lower left corner and ignore anything else then click “Open”. A window will open up and ask you where to put the file. You will have to rename the file before the “Save” button isn’t greyed out anymore then choose your location and click “Save”


    This sounds like a lot of B.S. to go through to save a video file. I noticed that the person named NowApple had a file they couldn’t open so I will open it and save it to my desktop and see how long it takes from clicking on the URL to open it in YouTube to the start of downloading the video file in MPEG Streamclip. I believe the video file is this,


    Here I go. OK it took me 52 seconds from clicking on the URL to starting to download that file “Little Boxes” in 1080p


    I’m sure there must be errors in my writing as well as a better way of doing this but what do you think?

  • Dougalan Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry for not using spaces. By the way the file "Little Boxes" I downloaded was 58.2 megs at 1080p.

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    It works! Thanks mate! But here's a thing, actually you just need two steps and two programs, which are Safari 6 and MPlayerX Version 1.0.14 (1527).


    The steps are similar, but upon reaching the "Source" part, just triple-click on the URL in "Source" so that it is highlighted and then secondary-click or right-click on it and select "Open URL". The video will then automatically start downloading in Safari.

  • Dougalan Level 1 (0 points)

    Your welcome. However "upon reaching the "Source" part, just triple-click on the URL in "Source" so that it is highlighted and then secondary-click or right-click on it and select "Open URL". The video will then automatically" start playing in Safari 6 at least in my Safari 6. How do I download from Safari 6? Or how do I make sure that when I "right click and select Open URL" the video will download in Safari 6.

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    If I "Open URL" in MPlayerX with Safari 6 CLOSED then Safari 6 will open and start downloading the video to (who knows were) and a QuickTime logo will be in the middle of the Safari 6 web page.


    I'm afraid I still need the MPEG Streamclip open URL and download step.

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    Well in that case, try these steps that I had been doing on Safari 5 when a video is not automatically downloaded, but played:


    1. Copy the URL of the automatically played video.
    2. Open the "Downloads" window on Safari by pressing ⌘⌥L or by clicking the small square on the top-right corner of the window. If there is no "Downloads" window, just google a random image and download it so that the "Downloads" window appears.
    3. With the "Downloads" window now open, press ⌘V to paste the URL and Safari will start downloading the linked file, in this case, the video.


    I hope this method solves the problem.


    p/s: to do this quickly, when the video window opens, just press ⌘L, then ⌘C, then ⌘⌥L, and finally ⌘V.

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    I "Open URL" in MPlayerX with Safari 6 open, but I don't know if that would make any difference. I'm just sharing a simpler method that works on my Mac, but if it doesn't work on yours, just stick with your method. We'll still get the video.


    If you don't know where your downloaded file goes, just open a new Finder window and on the sidebar there's an "All My Files" tab. Click on it and it will show all your files on your Mac. All you need to do is scroll down to "Movies" section and find a file named "videoplayback.flv".

  • Dougalan Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you anwarhakim. I was just worried about what other people reading this would think. I noticed that you said that you were using Safari 5 to download the video. Safari 5 would work great but I'm using Safari 6 and can't go back. In Safari 6 there is no "Downloads" window or "Activity" window for that mater. Unless I'm not understanding something I think my suggestion might work best for all the Safari 6 users and your suggestion will work best for all the Safari 5 users. Thanks

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    Don't get me wrong. I used the method in Safari 5 but I haven't tried it since I updated to Safari 6. Maybe it still works, maybe it doesn't anymore, but the "Downloads" window is still there. Here's a screenshot, and yes, I'm downloading a YouTube video using your method without the MPEG Streamclip step.


    Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 10.36.34 AM.png


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    How in the "Wide World Of Sports" do you do that? If I have Safari 6 open and in MPlayerX I click open URL the video starts playing on the Safari 6 screen. Is there a preference I don't have clicked? Or an extension that I need? Right know all the preferences are at default and I have no extensions loaded in Safari 6. Pleae help me out if you can. - Thanks again anwarhakim.

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    Oops, I think I forgot to mention a small step. So here I go again from the top:


    1. Open the YouTube video and "Copy video URL" after right-clicking the video.
      Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 11.02.05 AM.png
    2. Open MPlayerX and under the "File" menu, select "Open URL..." and paste the video URL.
      Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 11.02.43 AM.png
    3. This is the small step. Notice the small note on the "Open URL" window stating "-OK: Use MPlayer to handle the stream". Well, do it. Click OK while pressing . Then this window will drop down.
      Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 11.02.57 AM.png
    4. Then MPlayer will open and start caching the video and start playing. Press I to bring out the Inspector window.

      Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 11.04.28 AM.png
    5. Triple-click on the URL on the "Source". Right-click and select "Open URL".
      Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 11.06.10 AM.png
    6. Safari will start downloading the video as "videoplayback.flv".
      Screen Shot 2012-08-08 at 11.06.55 AM.png
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