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    Your screen shots 3 and 5 did not show up on the screen. I believe you. It still does not work for me but as you said I can still download video. - Thanks

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    Try refreshing, maybe it's just a loading problem. It's okay if it doesn't work for you, maybe it works for some others. – You're welcome.

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    It didn't work for me at first, but I tried pressing alt-enter once the url was opened in Safari 6 and it began to download the .flv file. I also just realized that if you have QT Pro you can just right click on the video in the Safari 6 window and save it as a .mov.




    Thanks for the info!

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    Great William!!!


    It works perfectly!!!


    Good stuff!





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    Would love to get this working. I managed to get a 'pop out' window just once, but now every time I try it the video just pauses and a big play button comes up in the middle. I've tried again many, many times on large and small video and audio content from YouTube. I cannot get a separate new 'pop out' window. Does anyone know if there is a trick to this? Many thanks

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    Apologies. Missed the thing about blocking pop-up windows in Safari Preferences.

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    Hi, I was able to do the pop out method and saw the video file loading in the Web Inspector. However, when I double click to download the video, it opened a new safari window instead of downloading it. Option + double click didn't work either. Any idea how to download it?

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    Hi William,


    here me again.


    The activity windows menu voice is vanished from my safari. It happened after the last automatic update from apple.


    Is it something wrong on my mac or is it a problem of everyone?

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    Ok, I am all very new at this.  I've only have a Mac for about 3 might seem like a long time but honestly with all the changes that I have had to learn from switching from PC to Mac, it was a lot to take in!!  I've recently updated to Mountain Lion (last week) and am finding I have to relearn things yet again.  *sigh*


    I went to download a YouTube video of a dance I'd like to learn only to discover that the commands I knew from Leopard were ineffective BUT I did find out that it's now as simple as right clicking on the video in Safari 6 to bring up the option to just download video!  Hurrah!!! 


    So for me, with Mountain Lion and Safari 6 on my MacBook it's as simple as:


    1. Go to video you want on You Tube

    2. Click on Use Original Player

    3. Right click on video as it's playing or paused

    4. Click on Download Video


    Video will be saved in mp4 format in your Downloads file. 

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    I do not have the Use Original Player button on my safari...!


    The activty voice still missing from my "window" menu...

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    It's not a button on Safari, but an option on the You Tube page.  Here's a screen shot:


    Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 2.03.53 PM.jpg


    Then after that, right click on the screen and it will bring up the options to download the video.


    Screen Shot 2012-08-19 at 2.05.45 PM.jpg



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    I get it, tks for the info.

    But...  still, "use original player" doesn't show in YuTb, either in Flash player or HTML?

    Which one are you using?

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    Thanks for the screen shot although it does not show up either...

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    The Screenshots above, with the "Use original player" are I believe from the YouTube5 extension.

    (Thats what I have, and I see "Use Original player")


    also another feature of YouTube5, when you see that "i"... click it.


    This is from the YouTube5 extension website. ( )



    See the 1080p, 720p, 360p options?

    Right click the 1080p..... 3rd option down. Download linked file.

    oh, and since it's showing you the html5 version and not flash.... the video that downloads is .mp4 not .flv


    no complex methods of copy url, send to another program. Or the activity window searching for the right file either.

    This works for me on just about any youtube video, If i do run across any odd video's that I can't D/L this way... I do keep Firefox installed with other video download plugins as a backup. But I rarely have to do that.

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    While I don not have "use original player" and neither the "i", even the right click from 1080p doesn't work as the 3rd option down is just the pop out the video and then I cannot do anything from that window, I can see that the "Web Inspector" in the "Develop" menu is completely changed, maybe from there some chance to get the right download!?!?


    Any suggestion?