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Selective reinstall of software?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    What software?

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    Would you please expand on your query?



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    Only if done manually with the installers included with the software. Migration Assistant or Setup Assistant are an all-or-nothing deal.

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    Running OSX 10.6.8, These issues began to occur just a day apart.   Issues with MacMail: the Trash folder disappeared upon boot up one day & now all deleted mail remains in the Inbox & some of it actually routes to my Drafts folder. None route to the Deleted Messages folder. The only way to delete messages now is to go to the Mailbox pulldown & select Erase Deleted Items.


    iCal issues: Upon opening ALL ical data was gone.


    I do have 2 back ups of the majority of the information (except for the last 3 or 4 weeks).


    I am thinking that a Selective Re Install of Mac Mail and i Cal is what is necessary, but am not sure how to do it properly as I have not had to do this before. Also, not sure if that is the correct fix or not?


    Appreciate your help!

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    Might I suggest that you may have other issues with your system installation. You might want to consider a non-destructive reinstallation:


    Reinstall OS X without erasing the drive


    Do the following:


    1. Repair the Hard Drive and Permissions


    Boot from your Snow Leopard Installer disc. After the installer loads select your language and click on the Continue button. When the menu bar appears select Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. After DU loads select your hard drive entry (mfgr.'s ID and drive size) from the the left side list.  In the DU status area you will see an entry for the S.M.A.R.T. status of the hard drive.  If it does not say "Verified" then the hard drive is failing or failed. (SMART status is not reported on external Firewire or USB drives.) If the drive is "Verified" then select your OS X volume from the list on the left (sub-entry below the drive entry,) click on the First Aid tab, then click on the Repair Disk button. If DU reports any errors that have been fixed, then re-run Repair Disk until no errors are reported. If no errors are reported click on the Repair Permissions button. Wait until the operation completes, then quit DU and return to the installer.


    If DU reports errors it cannot fix, then you will need Disk Warrior and/or Tech Tool Pro to repair the drive. If you don't have either of them or if neither of them can fix the drive, then you will need to reformat the drive and reinstall OS X.


    2. Reinstall Snow Leopard


    If the drive is OK then quit DU and return to the installer.  Proceed with reinstalling OS X.  Note that the Snow Leopard installer will not erase your drive or disturb your files.  After installing a fresh copy of OS X the installer will move your Home folder, third-party applications, support items, and network preferences into the newly installed system.


    Download and install the Combo Updater for the version you prefer from support.apple.com/downloads/.

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    Thanx, Kappy. Wilco & see what happens!

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    BTW, I did run Disk Warrior already on my MacBook Pro from my Mac Pro and it was less than 3% of the directories in need of repair. It now reads 0%, so that should negate the need to run that from the DU, correct?? Not sure if Disk Warrior ALSO automatically 'Repairs Permissions", are you?

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    DW does not repair permissions. It can't hurt anything to repair the drive again using DU just to be sure.

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    Roger, that!  B~)

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    Hi Kappy, 


    Want to thank you profusely! Did all you suggested & after I updated the reinstall, all came back as it should! Really appreciate your help!


    Best to You & Blue Skies!  Saint

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    Glad I could help.

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    Hey Kappy,


    I was wondering what the "Level" & points tally under the names represent? Obviously, NOT a problem, just curious!


    Thanx Again! Saint