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I am running Windows 7 on a Toshiba Satellite L650 - 0DM (which was purchased March 2011, and had repair work done on it from November 2011 to January 2012). When I first got my laptop, my computer and iTunes both recognized my iPod (iPod nano 5th gen), but for the past few months it has not. If I have my iPod plugged in before I start iTunes, my laptop will not open iTunes until I unplug my iPod. My laptop will also not shut down if my iPod is plugged in, and will only shut down if I unplug it. It will recognize that my iPod is plugged in and connected but in Computer, it does not show up. The iPod is recognized in Device Manager. If I try to safely eject my iPod, it tells me that other programs are using it, even though everything is shut down. This also happens with my flash drives, but my flash drives are working properly and are recognized in Computer. I know that it is not a problem with my USB cord or iPod because it works fine in my XP desktop. This problem is also happening with my brand-new iPod Classic, which I have not put anything on yet. I have used the original cords with both iPods and it still does not work. Other things I have tried to do that have showed no success:


  • Restart computer
  • Uninstall/reinstall iTunes and all Apple programs
  • Renaming for a higher drive (Other drives aren't in E: drive)
  • Stopping the 2 high-speed USB ports on my laptop and re-enabling them (they are the only two USB ports I have)
  • Putting iPod into disk mode
  • Putting anti-virus programs on my computer and doing a full-scan
  • Disk defragment
  • Deleting Temp folder (I have stopped all programs on my laptop and it still won't let me)
  • Stopped iTunes/Apple services and re-enabled them
  • Updating Driver Software



The only thing that I haven't tried is updating the BIOS, which seems like extreme measures and I don't want to do it unless I absolutely have to.

I am incredibly frustrated and ready to throw out my laptop and two iPods at any given moment, so please help!

iPod nano, Windows 7