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i picked up an apple TV with an HDMI cable.  my TV is an older model (only VCR connections and the RF port).  The TV is hooked in through the RF cable to a Comcast Scientific Atlantic DVR box (Exporer 8300HD).  The Comcast box mentioned has an HDMI port on the back.  this port is unlabled if it is an input or output some my assumption is that it is a two way port. 


well, i get nothing from the apple TV. I do not see an input selection on the box and the input button on the remote doesn't seem to toggle anything.


Comcast was not much help as they kept saying that i select the input from the TV itself, which only makes sense if i was hooking it up to the TV.  I was trying to use the cable/DVR box as a pass though, like how we use to connect cable TV to TVs that didn't have an RF port, but had the composite ports.


any ideas on what to try next?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)