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With a previous version of iTunes (or previous iOS version, not really sure) I was able to edit playlists that were on my iPhone directly from iTunes which is far more comfy than changing order in iPhone itself. Is it possible to edit iPhone playlists from iTunes?

iPad, iOS 5.1
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    Sounds like you're manually managing music and video on your iPhone.  Yes you can do this, just connect to iTunes and click on the arrow to the left of your iPhone's name to open its contents.  Locate the playlist you want to change and have at it.

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    My problem is when I locate my iphone playlists in iTunes I cannot change songs' order, I try to drag songs but nothing's happening...


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    Also I cannot sort songs by criteria.

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    If you're using iCloud it may not be possible, but if you're manually managing your content it should work. To change a playlist order by dragging songs you need to:


    1- Make sure the Shuffle icon is OFF.

    2- Click the left header of the playlist (overe the numbers).

    3- Drag songs to where you want them.

    4- Right-click on playlist name and select "Copy to play order".

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    How is me using iCloud preventing to edit playslists from itunes?

    Shuffle is off

    As I already mentioned, none of the headers are active... I can only play them songs from iPhone and nothing more..

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    If you're syncing your iPhone to iCloud then you cannot edit playlists directly on your device, you can only edit playlists in your library (which in theory gets pushed to iCloud and then to your device).


    But are you syncing to iCloud, or manually managing your iPhone, or auto-syncing your iPhone?  Your symptoms sound like you're auto-syncing, in which case you cannot edit things directly on your iPhone either and have to do all editing in your library, then re-sync to apply the changes to your iPhone.

    What I described above works for playlists in your library, and if you have the "Manually manage music and video" option selected for your iPhone you can do the same directly on your iPhone while connected to iTunes.


    Since you're not able to make edits on your iPhone, you must be either auto-syncing or syncing to iCloud.

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    Maybe its just me, but that is all so freaking confusing. I'm having the same issues.