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I purchased a song from itunes store after downloaded I play the song and song goes only a few second and moved on to next song on my list.  I tried to purchase but itunes store saying that I already purchased so I can not get the song.  my music and purchased list saying that song was downloaded but won't play the whole somg.  How can I fix this problem?

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    This happened to me.  What you need to do is move the song and any backups to the recycle bin.  Then go to Itunes store and click 'Purchased' under Quick Links.  Go to the song you want and there will be a cloud next to it.  Click it and it will redownload.  It should download the full song this time.


    This happened to me yesterday when I bought a Volbeat album and again today when my brother bought a Rise Against album.  I hope Apple fixes this.  I just read about a question like this from back in 2007, so it's been going on for a while.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,819 points)

    As above, assuming you are in a region where you are allowed to redownload your past purchases, delete the current copies from your iTunes library and then download again from your purchased history.


    If the problem persists, or that facility is not available in your region contact the iTunes Store support staff through the report a problem links in your account history.



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    I had been having the same problems, and when I redownloaded it it worked fine. Thanks a bunch!

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    this worked for me - thanks

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    My iTunes purchase history is showing that I bought the song, but it is not showing up under my "Purchased" tab where I could try to redownload it. Any suggestions?

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,819 points)

    You should find it in iTunes Store > Purchased > Music > Not on this computer. If your library contains a corrupt copy then delete it, close iTunes, reopen and try again.



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    I'm having the same problem but it won't let me delete the song,  it actually won't even play,  it just skips over to the next song...any suggestions?

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    This helped me: Just deleted the song from the Music list, then a cloud appeared next to it; click on it and it downloads again. Now it plays fine.

    I am not sure if this works only because I have iTunes Match, but I don´t think so.

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    It works for iTunes Store purchases whether or not you have iTunes Match. If you have iTunes Match you should be able to replace any matched or uploaded track on demand (however note that sometimes explicit versions have been replaced with clean, for example, so ideally backup anything before deleting just in case).