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I recently needed some disk space so I thaught I could delete all apps from my computer and stop synching them to my device.

It really helped alot because I had hundreds of apps that I didn't have on my iphone anymore, but the apps I have on my phone are still syched back to my computer.

Now, since they are stored on my computer anyway, I'd like to synch them with my phone again. But when I tick "synch apps" all apps on my phone dissappear and reappear (not in their folders) when I tick them. So If I synch them will it delete all my apps on the phone before synching them back and will all my data within the apps be lost then?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    If your apps are on your phone, but not on your computer then sync'ing will delete them on the phone. The way i do it is:


    delete all the apps off itunes

    reset itunes warnings so you see the notification to sync apps

    plug phone into itunes

    right click phone and choose backup

    if you have any apps that arent on the computer then itunes will notify you

    copy apps back to the computer

    voila, phone will sync and not lose apps