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On my MacPro I have 3 USB ports on the back and 2 on the front. I have 7 periferals i want to connect to the computer and they all need to be connected to a USB port on the computer in order to fuction. Hubs I have testet can not help. On the front of the computer there are 2 USB 2.0 porte can they be used?? If yes

are cables avaiable ( mail stick for the computer port  at one end and male USB stickfor the periferel on the other end ). Alternatively are there useable Hubs on the market?

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    USB Hubs are not always very reliable. Some time ago I added a USB2/FireWire card in a PCI slot in the chassis which gives an extra three USB 2 sockets and two FireWire 400 sockets on the back of the machine.

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    Hubs I have testet can not help...Alternatively are there useable Hubs on the market?


    Were the hubs you tested powered hubs?   If they weren't  I am not surporised you would have problems given the finite amount of power for the usb bus. 


    I think any powered hub should work.

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    I agree that powered hubs should work, but over the years, my clients and I have experienced various strange issues with devices connected to powered hubs. Some were simply due to the inability of the hub to deliver suficient power on the USB bus, others were just weird, unaccountable issues and intermittent problems.


    Putting a PCI card in the chassis of a MacPro is a reliable solution and the problems previously experienced just went away. I have done this with about 30 or so MacPros, so I know from my own experience that it "just works".