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Hi guys from Ireland, where it's currently raining.


I have a fairly old Macbook Pro 2.33 GHz Intel Core Duo with 2Gb of RAM on board. It's trying to run Lion 10.7.3.....


I've never had a moment's trouble even after the Lion upgrade, but yesterday it froze, and on hard boot I got the dreaded grey screen.


I have a partitioned Firewire HD with a backup of the internal HD on one of them, and a copy of Snow Leopard on the other. I also have a USB Lion recovery HD.


Went into safe boot, and tried to restart from both Lion backup and Snow Leopard. Result - the same grey screen after the chime and Apple logo. Safe boot works fine, and I can still connect to the Net via an Ethernet cable linked to the Airport Extreme as wi-fi is disabled in this mode. But if I try to restart via safe boot, I get the same grey screen.


If I hold down the ALT key, I get the menu including the recovery HD, but selecting this results in - you've guessed - the grey screen.


I've faithfully followed Apple's advice (disconnect peripherals/disable Bluetooth mouse and keyboard/zap the PRAM etc.).


So I downloaded a fresh version of Lion from the App Store overnight and installed it this morning. Restarted and got - a grey screen.


I have also checked the internal MBP HD via Disk Utility and OnyX. Both give it a clean bill of health. I have also repaired permissions several times.


At this point I seem to be running out of options. I don't understand why the MBP will boot into safe boot with the shift key held down, and will function with most programs in that mode. But neither the internal HD nor Lion and Snow Leopard on the back-up Firewire HD will boot properly.


This is a fairly common problem judging by the amount of discussion on grey screens. My question is whether there's something in Lion which is preventing boot-up (but Snow Leopard doesn't work either), or do I have a hardware problem which the diagnostics are not picking up?



Help and TIA!








MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Firewire backup of LIon and SL.