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I've been using Aperture 3 for a few years now and have collected a number of adjustment presets.  I was wondering if there is a way of finding out by looking at a any particular version which preset might have been used on that image?  It's easy to tell if adjustments have been made to any image, but not if the adjustments made were part of a preset or not.  I know I can lift and stamp any adjustments, but sometimes I'd like to know what preset was used to make a particular version.  As an example, I've recently been using VSCO Film presets with some pretty good results, and often times I'll go back to a particular image and I can't tell if the adjustments I made were part of a VSCO Film preset and which particular preset was used.  Is there a simple way of finding this out?  Does anyone else think this would be a good thing to be able to find out? 



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    Once  a preset is applied to an image the fact that the settings for that image came from a preset is lost. And of course once you apply a preset to an image nothing is stopping you from making further adjustments to the image making it difficult to decide just which images had which presets applied.


    One possible way to track presets would be to make keywords for each of your presets, Then when you apply the preset apply the keyword. 



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    Thanks for the tip, Frank.  You reinforced my understanding of the presets.  I'll just have to do a better job of remembering which presets I use for a particular image, and make a note of my favorite presets.


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    It will take some discipline but keywords would be a big help in this case.


    Good luck

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    I use Keywords for external editors (PTLens, PS, Hugin, various Nik tools, etc.), but I would advise you to think hard on whether you want to use them for Adjustment Presets.  As Frank pointed out, the Preset is in no way absolute: it's simply a collection of Adjustments, any one of which can be disabled, changed, or deleted.  It's simply a way to batch-apply Adjustments. 


    All the information you need to know about what you've done to create a Version from a Master is directly in front of you: the Bricks and their settings as shown in the Adjustments tab of the Inspector.  You can likely tell at a glance if you started with your VSCO Preset.


    You might get part-way to your goal by creating Smart Folders that filter for Images that have all of the Adjustments used in your Preset.  Of course the grouping "these Adjustments are included in Preset X" is not likely to be unique.

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    It will take some discipline but keywords would be a big help in this case.

    That is what I also saw as the best solution to get the adjustments presets tagged with names, when applied - but the discipline is what made me hesitate to suggest it. There is no easy way -afaik- to pair adjustments with keywords automatically when applying them, perhaps "Lift&Stamp", but that would require to create template images with the adjustment plus keyword.