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I'm a longtime Mac user and I've had Lion now for about 6 months and can't figure out this one quirk.  I have 4 desktops setup in Mission Control.  One for working at the Finder level,  one for MS Word, one for email and web, and one for specific work apps.  I have all the programs setup to open on specific desktops (done by right clicking the icon in the dock)  But my problem is that when I am on my Finder desktop and double click a file to open it (Say a Word doc for example) it opens on the Finder desktop not on the desktop assigned to the App.  Any thoughts on how to get it to switch to the right desktop when you open a file in Finder?


Much appreciated.

Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Great question.


    I see what you're talking about. I had a Desktop with Finder open and a Desktop with Pages open. When on the Finder Desktop and I open a Pages file, it opened the doc in the Finder Desktop. Howerver, with a Mail Desktop and a Safari Desktop, when I click a link in an email to a web site, the Desktop switches to the Safari Desktop and displays the web page. I can only assume some OS X built in apps (Finder) won't switch.

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    I had a feeling there might not be a solution.  Another odd quirk is that with Word closed, clicking the App in the dock takes you to the correct desktop, but with my Finder desktop visible, clicking the "active" Word App in the dock (active light below icon) opens a blank document on the Finder desktop not the Word desktop.

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    I believe this was the exact behavour I reported as a bug in the Lion betas. Apple Engineer's reply was, mystifyingly and irritatingly enough:


    'This is expected behaviour'.


    Suggest you fill out the feedback form and complain.