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  • Joris Sewandono Level 1 (25 points)

    Does any know...

    Can I just buy a new 'Nvidia GeForce GT 130' graphics card and swap it into my iMac ?

    Or is it a special model?


    Does anyone know what other video cards I can put in this iMac?

  • Will Moindrot Level 1 (0 points)

    No I'm afraid it's got a special adaption for going into an imac. I think you can get them on ebay, but they don't look like the rectangular type graphics cards as fitted into PC compatible computers.

  • Drunken Hobo Level 1 (0 points)

    Have opened a topic on the Nivarda  forum. Hope this will get us a updated driver. e-gt-130-kernel-panics-freezes-in-lion-amp-late-snow-leopard/


    please go there & ask for one.

  • Drunken Hobo Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm unauthorized to view? As well. Q : What are Apple hiding?

  • WarriorAnt Level 4 (2,750 points)

    My iMac is constantly freezing.       I cannot even browse the web.


    I have Multiple Sclerosis and I'm retired. I simply cannot afford another machine. I spent 2K on this one the day it came out hoping it would be THE machine for me for some time to come in my retirement, but now it is unusable and I won't be able to get another machine.


    Is there a fix for this? 


    Have the folks who have had thier graphic boards replaced had freezes since?  Is that the solution?

  • Dodger_im Level 1 (0 points)

    Brought mine to my local apple store. They've done a complete check on it only to tell me that the problem seemed related to the graphic card. They've replaced it for 180$ CDN. So far no more freezes or other graphic issues. It is only been 3 days though. Also, video doesn't seem as fluid as it used to be, even with the new card. I've got a toshiba laptop at work, with 2 go of ram, and it plays videos better than my imac with 8go and a brand new graphic card... I'll keep you posted on whether or not it fixed the issue.

  • Dodger_im Level 1 (0 points)

    And when I say seemed, I mean they didn't know for sure but decided to change the card anyway.

  • Will Moindrot Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi WarriorAnt,


    I've said this before but will say again - I got the gfx card replaced in mine by the Genius Bar on their advice and it cost about £130/so probably something like $180. Prior to this I rolled back to Snow Leopard incase the new card got broken by Mountain Lion. After getting it replaced I got frustrated that I should have to run an older OS, and with the warranty of the new card I upgraded to ML again anyway. After a few days the graphics problems started up, mildly at first (broken blocky windows, repeated parts of the screen) seemed to be caused in iphoto when scrolling through pictures, and at that point I started to make plans to go back to Apple but because it wasn't evident the whole time it kind of put me off from going back and I never got round to it, instead I rolled it back to SL to see if it solved it. No problem for a few months until the beginning of June and the ambient temps starting to increase, and it blocks up now probably a few times a week but it doesn't get a lot of use at present anyway, because I have moved to my tonymac for mac work such as video editing.


    Other people say getting the gfx replaced fixed their issues, others say it fixed the issues but then add that they don't push it, or they have the fan controller at a certain rpm. For me personally that's not satisfactory.


    The funny thing is that under Windows the computer does not display any issues, so I think my advice for what it's worth would be to make the most of your investment and hardware, having windows 7 installed on your computer perhaps alongside OSX.


    I did this sometime ago using Bootcamp which I think sits within utilities in ML and older OSs. Pretty easy to do and you don't have to wipe your computer clean to do it. Although you'll need to get a copy of Windows from somewhere (XP or Windows 7 I recommend). Once it's installed I think you get an option of which partition to boot from the Windows or the OSX and it boots into that system.


    I have always been surprised at how well macs run windows, nippy, and apart from the gfx problems I think the hardware is pretty robust.


    Hope this helps and provides you with a bit of inspiration.


    Best, Will

  • celloist Level 1 (5 points)

    IF you are freezing and not sure that it's the graphics card heating/firmware/voodoo issue you might also want to consider the problems they're having with external USB3 drives, Lacie in particular. If you have a Lacie d2 with USB3 you are probably freezing on a regular basis. In my case I have both the late 09 with the firmware problems and an external Lacie that seems to be locking me up as well. See Daisy chained Firewire 800 LaCie d2 Quadras - iMac Finder Locks up

  • Drunken Hobo Level 1 (0 points) e-gt-130-kernel-panics-freezes-in-lion-amp-late-snow-leopard/


    Nividia are asking imac users with Geforce GT 130 graphic cards to send kernal logs  here.

    For the kernel panics, could you send the panic log? It should be in /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports.

  • Dodger_im Level 1 (0 points)

    So, here we are... Less than a week from getting my card replaced, at an apple store, the same issue reappeared. My niece played on line games on the imac for about 1-2 hours then, as i tried to access i tunes the **** thing froze on me once more... So, card replacement... Done for nothing in the first place... I'm getting my money back from apple. I've noticed the computer was quite hot when I shut it. I guess it is linked somewhat to this issue...

  • Dodger_im Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank for this Drunked Hobo, keeping our efforts organized on this issue is important, mostly since David had his machine replaces by apple. I on my side contacted apple care following on my card replacement fail. I have another appointment at my local genuis bar as a follow up on the non effective repair. I also contacted apple via the email address provided by the technician over the phone and provided them with a link to this discussion thread while  pleading for someone at customer service to respond to eveyone here who has been victim of this software problem.

  • dolo b Level 1 (0 points)

    First let me say this is bulls#&% apple.


    I have the same make and model as everyone else in this thread (09' nivida ge 130). I replaced the graphics card when it was under warranty, seemed to fix it for awhile. Surprise!!! the issue is back, i have artifacts appearing as i write this. Unfortunately for me local repair companies are charging over a grand to fix and i'm out of warranty! I have tried all of the solutions on this post, no dice but thank you everyone for the advice. Im giving my two cents worth in the hopes apple will see what a crap job they have done in helping loyal customers... I'd rather not switch to a pc but if apple keeps this up i will.

  • WarriorAnt Level 4 (2,750 points)

    Has anyone seen this? 

    Apple Initiates Graphic Card Replacement Program for Mid-2011 27-inch iMac




    I don't know if this is hope or a slap in the face.  I'm not sure.  I hope it means help.

  • Dodger_im Level 1 (0 points)

    So, here's another chapter to this story. I've just got my imac back from my second trip to the apple store. They had the graphic card replaced the first time but the issue reappeared after 3 days. So, the guy at the genius bar refunded me for the card replacement, and basically, confirmed the issue is within the software/drivers. But that's it. I'm goin back home with a refund for a repair that fixed nothing, a new graphic card that does not work any better than the old one and a computer close to useless. The tech at the store provided me with the repair numbers and said the issue had been added to their database but no work arounds/repairs/updates/recall were existing at the moment... I will attempt a follow up with apple care by email, and keep you folks updated... Any news from nvidia on this?

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