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beeing a proud (?) owner of a wide gammut display I use a special monitor profile to see correct colour which of course only works in applications which support it. I expect the Finder to be such an application at it mostly is.

ButI found on my System with Lion 10.7.3 that my JPGs display wrong/oversaturated in the finder cover flow.

This is independant of embedded or not embedded ICC profiles in the JPGs, but just an issue with the selected monitor profile.

The error is NOT observed e.g. for JPEG 2000 files!

The error is NOT observed for other image display options within the finder, so only the cover flow is effected!


Further I can not remember to have seen it earlier in Snow Leopard.


Can anybody also see this issue?

Thanks for any feedback!

Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I don't have a Wide Gamut monitor, just a 24" iMac/2007, here one jpg in Preview on left & Cover Flow on right...


    If you have GraphicConverter you might check the ExifTool info...


    ---- ExifTool ----

    ExifTool Version Number         : 8.68

    ---- System ----

    File Name                       : GoogleEarth3.jpg

    Directory                       : /Users/******/Downloads

    File Size                       : 32 kB

    File Modification Date/Time     : 2012:04:02 19:39:27-07:00

    File Permissions                : rw-r--r--

    ---- File ----

    File Type                       : JPEG

    MIME Type                       : image/jpeg

    Image Width                     : 497

    Image Height                    : 382

    Encoding Process                : Progressive DCT, Huffman coding

    Bits Per Sample                 : 8

    Color Components                : 3

    Y Cb Cr Sub Sampling            : YCbCr4:2:2 (2 1)

    ---- JFIF ----

    JFIF Version                    : 1.01

    Resolution Unit                 : inches

    X Resolution                    : 72

    Y Resolution                    : 72

    ---- XMP-x ----

    XMP Toolkit                     : XMP Core 4.4.0

    ---- Composite ----

    Image Size                      : 497x382

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    Hi BDAqua,


    thanks for the quick response!

    In your case I can hardly see a difference (fo you think there is any?), which would not suprise me if you have no special monitor profile active.

    I have the apple monitor profile for the EIZO Flexscan  S2231W active. Settings->Monitor->Colours

    and than Profile S2231W.


    But I like your comparison screen and thats why I also created one:

    Screenshot_Finder 2012-05-11.png


    Again the left side is the finder preview and the right side is the finder cover flow.

    Hope you can see the higher saturation in the right part. For faces this really gets ugly, but even for this bird it clearly visible.

    Here the original image for testing:



    So I would still assume it is bug in the cover flow. Maybe you can stimulate a difference by using a monitor profile? At least without a restart using a different profile does not heal it. After posting I will try to restart with an RGB monitor profile...

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    And with a restart (not without) of my Mac with a standard RGB monitor profile (sRGB IEC61966-2.1) set before rebooting it looks like this:

    Screenshot_Finder 2012-05-11_RGB_Monitor_Profile.png

    Still not the same but much closer.

    Hope these screenshots work, otherwise I would have to take fotographs of my screen...

    OK but now I will switch back to the correct profile....


    Maybe anybody an idea how to fix the issue or how to file a bug to apple? ;-)

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    I didn't see much/any difference on mine.


    I just notice I have this file from Adobe, no idea what it'd do though...


    /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles/WideGamutRGB.icc


    I can't afford to restart to try different profiles anytime soon.

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    I have the same problem within since using OS X 10.8., the coverflow pics are much oversaturated and reddish compared to the same pic viewed in preview.


    BUT, the same problem appears within aperture, where the pics looks fine in browser and viewer, but are wrongly displayed in slideshow.


    I have a macbook pro and two different wide gamut monitor (NEC andd eizo). I am using the mac with one external monitor at a time and I made up color profiles for all three monitors with a color munki and the NEC software spectraview.

    The problem appears on both external monitors. I cannot really see the problem on the internal monitor (perhaps just because it´s not a wide gamut monitor).

    The problem is not dependent on the embedded color profile. (within apperture I use Adobe RGB only, for export I use sRGB).