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I'm going to to replacing my internal hard drive (R.I.P.) and I'm looking for advice on the best one to choose.


The machine is a 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo from 2007 (I think that is the right year anyway).


Are hard drives in Mac's the same as PCs? I had assumed they are, but surfing around some sites like Western Digital there are extenal drives that are specified for Macs. I just want to be sure.


Could my Mac handle a 2TB hard drive? Or should I go for a smaller capacity?


I have a preference for Western Digital, based on passed experience, though I am not limited to that if someone has a better suggestion.


If I go for a 2TB Western Digital, my choices seem to be the WD Caviar Green and the WD Caviar Black.


Does anybody have any suggestions or advice?



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