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I re installed my original software and now I don't know how or if I can retrieve all my old pics and files!!  please help i have a mac osx 10.5.4!!!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    If you did an Archive and install all of your files and programs should be rightvwhere they were. If you did a clean install I'm afraid you may have lost everything. Do you have a backup?

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    Here's an article about the install options



    Any chance you had at recovering anything gets smaller with everything you do on that computer. Running a utility like Data Rescue 3 MAY find some files but even downloading it will overwrite some of your files. If you don't have a backup I'm afraid you may be out of luck.

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    Thanks for your help, Im guessing im pretty beat.  However, I did go to utilities and tried doing a "migration assistant" as that is what it instructed me to do after I did an upgrade of my software.  I did get files and pics back that were downloaded or emailed to me, its really weird because Iv done it 3 times and each time I get back alittle more info.  I am so upset because all my pics are gone from iphoto im hoping that I still have a chance to retrieve them even if I have to pay!! 

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    Not sure I understand how Migration Assistant is doing anything. I thought MA was for connecting your computer to another computer or volume and transferring files. I'm just not sure how you're using it. Like I said earlier, everything you do on your Mac overwrites more of what data may have been recoverable if there even was any. Not to kick you when you're down but this is exactly he kind of a situation where a time machine or other back up would have saved you a lot of heartache. I'm sorry but I don't think I can be of any help :-(