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https://discussions.apple.com/docs/DOC-2465 has the latest resources for updating to 10.7.     With 10.7.4 each of those will have to get up to date information about 10.7.4's compatibility.  But the most important thing to remember when updating to any operating system............

Backup your data now!

And remember just because there is an update, you don't have to apply it.     Apply it when your other software is ready.

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    http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1525 is the page if you have 10.7.3 and are backed up. http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1524 is the page if you have 10.7 through 10.7.3 and are backed up, and are unsure if you missed any patches.

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    bump....no reply necessary...just making sure early adopters don't get caught with as  many problems.

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    there seem to be a few issues. I am having huge issues with Internet Sharing on 10.7.4. It used to work perfect, but now is stuttering and spluttering like a lost little cub. ffs!

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    ... And remember, a Backup you havn't tested may be no backup at all :-)





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    I see you started a thread here:


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    Something you forgot to mention is to also make sure

    that you have a clean, well functioning system before

    applying any update.  Systems with problems functioning

    properly will more than likely cause issues with updating

    and my get worse after updating, unless the issue is one

    addressed by the update.

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    So true, except for one thing, you can't determine the nature of a dirty system without first backing up.  If issues compound themselves after an update, reverting to your backup should always be your first option, and then examining the system for issues on your system is the next one, while always keeping at least a backup handy, preferably two.  That way, if the system is problematic, you have a chance to isolate it without impacting your critical data.

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    I'm also having Internet Sharing problems, just as you've described. It worked perfectly this morning, now that I've applied the update, it's not working at all.

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    Never update anything until you have done the following.


    1) Backup your computer completely (this will allow you to go back).


    2)  Research the update. Find out why it has been released and the bugs it is supposed to fix.


    Updates are not always improvements. Sometimes features and capabilities get removed or new bugs are created.


    My general advice is, if your system is working, don't update anything.


    Also with some updates it is impossible or difficult to go backwards (iPhone).  Never apply these updates until forced to do so.

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    Well Umma has gone to great lengths to find from Apple there is some issue with Internet Sharing.  Hopefully Apple releases a patch soon.  I recommend if you are having the problem to contact Apple and let them know it is happening, and get a case number.

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    I know that apple have released a rubbish version of mac that has problemos with internet sharing

    so here is da answer

    1. go to finder>(computer name)>macintosh HD>library>preferences

    2. copy the entire systemconfiguration folder and systemconfiguration.old folder to your desktop

    3. restart mac and device which you share intenet to

    then you have internet that is about 3x slower than the da 10.7.3 intenet sharing, but works

    then, just wait for apple to release da 10.7.4 fixed

    please use da steps!