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I am unable to access the "repair disk" function from my disk utility. I can only access the disk permissions..


I need to repair the disk and am prompted to utilize the "installation disk" to access the repari disk function. However, when I try using the install disk, there is no access to the "repair disk", only to "install the operating system" ... I don't want to re-install the operating system, and have not gone any further...


I have a time machine which backs up all my info..., but I am still wary of re-installing anything..


So......, how can I repair my disk using the installation disk that came with my laptop without having to reinstall anything, or do I have to and do it safely ?


Or can I utilize the "repair disk" function using the Time Machine ?..... if so How do I do this ?


l use to make up start-up disks when I was using Windows......, and never created one for the Mac...... I didn't think one would be necessary......


I love my Mac...



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