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I am unable to access the "repair disk" function from my disk utility. I can only access the disk permissions..


I need to repair the disk and am prompted to utilize the "installation disk" to access the repari disk function. However, when I try using the install disk, there is no access to the "repair disk", only to "install the operating system" ... I don't want to re-install the operating system, and have not gone any further...


I have a time machine which backs up all my info..., but I am still wary of re-installing anything..


So......, how can I repair my disk using the installation disk that came with my laptop without having to reinstall anything, or do I have to and do it safely ?


Or can I utilize the "repair disk" function using the Time Machine ?..... if so How do I do this ?


l use to make up start-up disks when I was using Windows......, and never created one for the Mac...... I didn't think one would be necessary......


I love my Mac...



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    Disconnect all other drives from the computer so no mistakes are made.




    Stick the 10.6 disk into the machine and press the power key while holding the option key down. (holding the c key also works)


    You will see a selection of boot options/images, select the 10.6 disk and click the little arrow key.



    The computer will boot from the disk.


    You will see a language screen, then the next screen looks like the installer.


    Wait a second and look up, there is a Utilities menu and under that is Disk Utility, select that.




    On the left you will see your boot drive, it will have the drive makers name and size, select that



    Screen shot 2012-04-04 at 9.24.53 PM.jpg



    next select First Aid then you can select > Repair Disk and Repair Permissions.



    If Repair Permissions fixes something, run it again.


    If Repair Permissions doesn't fix  and returns a error, you need to backup your users files off the machine to a external drive and then either have your drive replaced or zero erased and everything reinstalled.