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Goodmorning everybody.


I'm using a E-MU Xmidi 1x1 to connect my Drumkit (XBox 360 Wireless Drumkit - it also got a midi connections) to my iPad 2. Garageband works and "detects" my hits for around 20 seconds, after that Garageband goes silent (the midi-cable shows activity through it's leds), even when I do a fingerdrum it's stays silent (visually the drums responds to my fingers). The only way to get sound out of Garageband again is to change the instrument to something different (could be a different drumkit or a piano) and then it works again for 20 seconds.


I found guy who did the same: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq3h0DuFXQ4 but I think he speaks russian and I really don't understand that.


Midi Monitor keeps on working, and shows velocity etc... without any problem


I've got no issues using my Yamaha keyboard with the same cable/iPad/Garageband.


Any Ideas?

GarageBand (iPad), iOS 5.1