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Gilealeo41 Level 1 Level 1

My wierd problem started happening just within the past week up untill then everything was working ok.

My problem is wierd I can sign on to my i tunes with my password

I can get my updates on aps with my password

I can get into my personal accunt by using my password BUT

it will not allow me purchase anything new unless I set up a new multi sequrity questions.

I have already done that when I originally created my account with I Tunes by seting up a secutrity question BUT

it is not asking me for that original sequirty question instead it is asking me to give 3 more quirky answers to new questions.

shouldn't it be asking me for my original sequrity question to verify my account?


iPhone 4, iOS 5.1, have Iph 4 + Iph3 + 2 Ipads onItune
  • Boyd Level 2 Level 2

    I went ahead and did the 3 new questions - I figured it was a needed security level that the apple gods required.  But their choices of questions stink IMHO.  I finally chose the least ambiguous for me and carefully recorded what I had chosen as answers into my encrypted file where I keep my passwords.