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At least once a week I recieve an update for my HP-printer. I wonder if this is really a new update or a repeat.

How am I able to check this? Are these updates really necessary?


Goos Bakker

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    If you have a HP printer and it works fine with no issues, then forget about the update. They are only for recently released printers. By updating there could be a fault with the new update that may not support your particular printer and hence cause more problems than solve.


    If you want to check if it applies to you click on the apple logo on the top left, then click software update, the window that comes up AFTER it has checked for updates should have a show more option where the window opens up and shows exactly what the updates include, feel free to click around and explore because there are only 2 things you can do and they are Accept and Cancel

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    Go here & delete the HPSmartX folder:


    Your Hard Drive/Library/Printers/hp/Frameworks/HPSmartX.framework


    Then run software update.

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    Thanks, it solved my problem with my HP 8600 as well.  Now if I can only empty the trash.