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umma08 Level 1 (0 points)

pre 10.7.4, i shared my ethernet connection over Wi Fi, without issues.

since the update i am having a few problems. anyone else experienced this?


I have tried re setting the settings for internet conection on both my tablet and my imac...


the imac is connected to the intenet fine.


any suggestions?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)
  • Shawn Grinter 2 Level 3 (950 points)

    Funnily enought I'd just read a post saying that someone was having "spluttering connections" when sharing so you may not be alone!


    I did try to serach for a link but it seems to elude me... you may have better luck.




  • a brody Level 9 (65,736 points)

    Generally speaking when a machine has trouble with internet sharing, it probably is occupied doing other internet tasks.  Rendezvous/Bonjour/IPSec has been one of those tasks that has baffled many in places, because it constantly scours the wireless network for requests for sharing data.  It is more active when iTunes, iPhoto, or other iApps are trying to share data, than when they are turned off.  If you are attempting to connect another machine to the internet using a Mac as a "server" of internet packets, try quiting all open applications on the Mac to see if the issue persists.

  • a brody Level 9 (65,736 points)

    The other problem you may run into are System Preferences that desire software updates to be checked for.  They include Apple's Software Update, Quicktime, Adobe if installed, And Microsoft Office itself.  Disabling the automatic software update preferences typically solves the problem. 

    Lastly, if you have installed any system "maintenance" tools, these may need updating for 10.7.4 compatibility to avoid network issues.  The only "maintenance" Mac OS X needs is backing up.

  • umma08 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have tried having not other apps open.


    I have tried disabling all updates in system preferences.


    I am in a PhD lab.


    I have started internet sharing on another computer that has been updated to 10.7.4 - problem persists.


    I then started internet sharing on another computer that is still on 10.7.3 - issue is resolved


    It is definitely related to 10.7.4.


    They are all identical iMacs in this lab.


    Please someone sort this out. This is definately an Apple issue. idiots.

  • a brody Level 9 (65,736 points)

    We are just end users here.  Downgrade until 10.7.4 is essential for something.  If it does become essential, put it on a USB stick, or partition your hard drive with both 10.7.3 and 10.7.4 to avoid permanently disabling your sharing environment.

  • umma08 Level 1 (0 points)

    sorry, i wasnt directing the idiots at you people here, it was directed at Apple. really sorry for that confusion!


    if i want to downgrade, does that mean re installing from factory disc to 10.7 and then going through the upgarde process back to 10.7.3? or can i just install the 10.7.3 update?

  • a brody Level 9 (65,736 points)

    Well, you did backup your data before applying the update?  If not let that be a lesson to never apply an update without backing up first.  There is no factory 10.7 disc.  What there is, is a restore partition, you can use through this article after backing up your data at least twice:

    Then apply the 10.7.3 combo and applying the necessary Flashback patch:

    Then lastly recover data from your backup that would not be affected by the update to 10.7.4.

  • umma08 Level 1 (0 points)

    no, i have not got into the habit of backing up this computer yet - i have only had it 4 months. I am not sure that i should be making contingency plans within the first year of having a cimputer let alone the first half year. How much do these things cost?


    I also do not want to spend half a day restoring old settings and reinstalling MAC OSX. They should not have released an update that had issues, either that or they should release a fix quick fast that sorts out the problems.

  • a brody Level 9 (65,736 points)

    Hard drives or any medium can fail on the first day of ownership, or any time.  This is true of Dell, Apple, or any manufacturer.  No medium is permanent except a stone tablet with a stylus not exposed to erosion. So yes, you should make contingency plans.  Hard drives can cost as little as $80.  USB Sticks can cost under $10. Sheets of paper cost pennies.  Printers start at $50 and up depending on your needs.  All updates have some issues.  The problem is nothing to do with the update, but everything to do with the fact there are thousands of possible software and hardware components with thousands of factorial of possible combination which is larger than the number of seconds in the age of the universe.  Apple does give developers the heads up of changes on but not all stay in business or keep up their Mac compatible products.  The end user has to ensure that every product they use is known to be compatible before updating.  By the way, it is spelled Mac OS X.  I'm just an end user, and so is everyone else on this board that posts.

  • rla2000 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hi there umma08, if you believe the issue to be caused by the 10.7.4 updatem I would recommend calling Apple and informing them that only machines running 10.7.4 are effected.


    They may be able to resolve the issue, or at least isolate the problem to either the 10.7.4 update or something else, like another application that you have that could be having an issue working with 10.7.4.


    Try starting the computer holding the "Shift" key to put the Operating System in Safe Mode:



    If it works fine in Safe Mode: Then the issue may be caused by a Non-Apple application that you have installed on these machines. In which case you would want to start checking for updates for all your Non-Apple software.


    If the issue persists in Safe Mode, definately call Apple if you believe the issue to have been caused by the 10.7.4 Update. You can contact Apple Care at (800) 275-2273. Inform the Tech Advisor that you only have the issue on computers that have installed.  If it is an Apple Issue, they will only know about it once someone calls in and reports it.


    P.S.  Always have a backup: This can protect against software issue, you accidentally deleting something important or a Hard Disk failure.

  • umma08 Level 1 (0 points)

    thanks rla. this helped.


    i am now in safe mode. but the issue is not resolved. I am having the same issue. Once again, when i connect to the shared internet on a computer running 10.7.3 the problem is resolved. So that seems to isolate the problem to 10.7.4.


    i may have to call Apple.


    re a brody.


    if you really think that there is more information within any given specific computer operating system or comibination of hardware and software configurations than there are seconds in the history of the universe, you either need to go back to school, or watch some more discovery channel.

  • a brody Level 9 (65,736 points)

    Factorial combination.  1000 factorial = Before Apple went to the App Store, they had a catalog called the Guide.  At its last release 18,000 Macintosh software products were available.    If you combine each possible software together in every possible combination, you are easily a lot worse than that number.

  • umma08 Level 1 (0 points)

    i dont understand what that number from justin white has anything to do with the age of the universe in seconds?

  • MadMacs0 Level 5 (4,722 points)

    umma08 wrote:


    They should not have released an update that had issues

    I suspect that they rushed this release because of the security issue that became public last weekend. They have been known to do a quick turn-around on issues that are easily resolved and wide-spread in the past, but there's no guarantee it will happen this time.


    I'm with the contact Apple folks on this one. Not only might it help you, it will help focus attention on the issue if enough users do.

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