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    My internet sharing seems to have broken as well with 10.7.4. I share my ethernet connection to my iPad via Wi-Fi, but now it appears to work for about an hour or less and then stops. Trying to browser on the iPad will cause timeouts and eventually "no internet connection" dialogues. Turning off sharing and waiting a moment before turning it back on sometimes fixes it, but again, only for a brief time.


    Also, Wi-Fi syncing to iTunes has also stopped working. It will appear in the list, but then the "iPad not on the network" error will appear shortly after (which then puts the iPad back into the "timeout" mode when trying to browse). Whenever the internet stops working on the iPad, it also will no longer appear in iTunes until I reset sharing.


    Deleting some system config preference and network settings to start fresh, but the problem persists.

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    I'm finding that my iTunes Home sharing broke after the 10.7.4 update.  It now says that my account or password is invalid, yet I have no trouble using that userid/pw to log into the store.  I've even double-checked the user association but that seems to be ok too.  I know the main point of the update was to fix the security problem they had, but I think they definitely broke something else because lots of people are complaining and while the complaints vary a bit they almost all have something to do with sharing - internet sharing, file sharing, iTunes Home Sharing, screen sharing.

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    I still recommend you contact Apple as soon as possible, either by phone, a trip to the Genius Bar or send them some Feedback.


    Not telling you to give up here, just that the more they hear from users, the faster they will be able to come to grips about any issues they have caused.

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    ok, well i am waiting for a call from Apple Support, arranged time in about 5 minutes, so any outcome i will post up here. I would imagine that they did rush the security update alright, as they would have been slightly concerned with the security issues that had been publicised. Not that those would stop people buying apple, but i guess negative press is negative press!


    will keep you posted on any fix that comes through from Apple.....

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    ok, i just got off th phone to to Apple, and they have seemed to fix the problem. The issue, with me anyway, was that the iMac that i share from was not transferring the DNS information correctly to the tablet.


    a senior advisor at Apple in Cork eplained that it IS related to the update and instructed me to put these DNS servers into the advanced wi fi settings of the machine that i am attempting get the shared internet on.



    DNS is concerned with changing the normal hexidecimal URL - ie  into numerical URL addresses. i.e



    hope that helps some people!

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    I too am having a problem with the Internet sharing on my work iMac since upgrading to 10.7.4

    I have called Apple UK tech support and have told them of the problem to be told "we do not know of this issue"

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    13 billion years = 4.1× 10^17 seconds

    1000 factorial > 1 x 10^2430


    Point being if there was one test carried out every second for every combination of software to determine if they will work together, you'd have to take more than 1000 factorial seconds to assure that each combination of software can work together.  And that's assuming you just took one second to test it.  How many pieces of software you might take hours to find out they don't work well together?  Don't you see it is just hopeless for anyone to have the time to actually by brute force determine if all available packages will work together?  That's why Apple sets standards.  Unfortuantely to keep up with customer demand for new features, and faster machines, the standards have to occasionally move.  And if developers either choose to ignore those new standards, or disappear, old software will just barely be able to keep up eventually.  To claim this is an Apple issue exclusively is to ignore the problem of people not conforming to the unique standards Apple has to set. 


    It is interesting reading this thread that Apple is recommending to use OpenDNS to help solve this issue.  Google has its OpenDNS which is what was suggested  There are others too:

    If one of them is what is suggested, it likely says the router table somewhere got corrupted either on the router, the internet provider, or how it was managed in Mac OS X.

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    well the internet sharing just packed up on me again here. i had to do a complete shutdown on the iMac waited about 20 seconds and then restarted. The internet sharing is back working now! ***


    they definitely knew about the issue, though i was speaking to Apple headquarters in Cork, Ireland. Jennifer, the girl that rang me, talked about the issue briefly and then put me through to a 'senior advisor' who told me of the DNS issue.


    the issue has returned again now. what a pain in the *** this is.

  • a brody Level 9 Level 9 (64,670 points)

    If changing the DNS doesn't solve the issue, perhaps your router needs a firmware update to be compatible with 10.7.4.

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    i would say that it is more likely that 10.7.4 needs an update to fix issues with internet sharing to be honest, a brody.

  • a brody Level 9 Level 9 (64,670 points)

    Well, I wouldn't jump to conclusions unless you have all Apple hardware including routers.  Apple can't be held responsible for hardware they don't make.  Is the modem you use itself a router, or are you using a non-Apple router to hook up to the modem?

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    ok here is an update. I just talked to another senior advisor at Apple CPU tect support. They are very aware of the issue, and our on a fix for it. It may take up to four days, but he persoanlly thinks that it will be quicker as it is becoming a widespread issue. He will email me as soon as the fix becomes avaialble, he thikins that it will be distributed through a software update. He also thinks thats it was related to the security update, rather than 10.7.4 though both were installed simultaneously. This makes sense as my 10.6.8 laptop was experienceing issues after the security update that was released for that. I will keep people posted.


    a brody do us a favour man, take your fan boi regurgitation somewhere else.I am in a Univesrity PhD lab that probably has over 100 Apple computers in the building, and we use Apple products for all our pretty intensive computer based research (Sonic Arts). i am pretty sure that we are set up properly.

  • itwasntme187 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Brody, you said you were a user? so why are you putting yourself in a postion to be blamed by constantly defending Apple and this issue? No one is saying its their fault... just simply that it is a fault!


    Anyway i spoke to a senior tech at Apple tech support who had me on the phone for over 70 minutes and after all sorts of tedious testing using my iMac, another iMac, an iPhone to connect onto the shared wiifi etc... he says he wants me to install a 'capture data' application so he can see whats going on with my mac and forward the logs onto the engineering team.

    He knew nothing of any DNS issues.

    After PRAM resets and a reinstall of the 10.7.4 update combo he thinks its my iMac at fault.

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    itwasntme its not an isolated problem to your mac, there is no way. Sorry that it took you 70 mins of going through that. its a pain alright. I was going through the same boring tests with an uninspired 'senior advisor' when he stopped and said 'oh wait there is a lot of information coming through from the engineering team, hold on'. he then cam back in a few minutes to take my number and my email, blah blah blah and that i should expect an update within four days, if not quicker. 


    I would imagine that there will be an update before the weekend is out. It seems a poorly programmed update to be honest; rushed, as some people have pointed out. I wonder if anyone knows how to shout like Steve Jobs did.


    If not, well expect this sort of stuff to be par of the course with Apple, in the future.

  • a brody Level 9 Level 9 (64,670 points)

    umma, I am no fan boi.  I'm just giving you the facts.  Since Apple is now admitting there is an issue that needs resolving that is not to do with DNS directly, I can't deny that, since I wasn't there on the conversation.  Let's hope for your case that you understood them correctly.  By the same token please take away your bigotry of Mac users.  We aren't all enamored of Apple's products, and you can't assume that we all are when we sound like we come to Apple's defense.  A lot of us are professionals who work based on a true and proven scientific method eliminating computer problems one by one making sure the problem is not between the keyboard and chair.  Until you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt something is fact, we can't just assume that it is because we have seen it only happen on a few machines.

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