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    Networking is a touchy issue, because there are so many interdependent parts. Anyway, let's see how the next few days play out.  If Apple doesn't release some sort of update through its downloads support page, I would contact support with your case number, and inquire how the update is proceeding.

  • itwasntme187 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)


    yes i know how troubleshooting works and how networking is not a walk in the park... you shouldnt just assume that we do not know this!

    I am a network manager at a large University in London, working with Macs and PCs all day long. your replys are in no way helpful and actually very patronising!


    if you have a resolution or an update then im happy to read it, but your silly comments on  "between the keyboard and chair" and "Networking is a touchy issue" is just a load of bollocks!


    Umma, ok so its good that Apple have now realised a fault and are looking into resolving it. I'm glad its just my work Mac that is affected right now as im not in for the weekend, but i guess we will find out for sure the update on Monday.

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    Same issue here. Everything working fine on 10.7.3 until this morning when the OS 10.7.4 update came through. Now no shared internet connection or file sharing between computers - or at best, extremely slow and intermittent, then it stops entirely after a short while. It's odd that it sort-of works sometimes, I don't think its a settings issue. I went through everything and checked anyway, everything seems normal excpt that it doesn't work!

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    Hi all.  Watching along to see if Apple comes back with any solution to this.  Can't help but love how quick these support threads become flame wars...pity. Would otherwise be a very efficient way to announce a bug and work collectively on issues.  That said, brody, unless I've misunderstood the issue (and I have run into this bug first-hand I might add), there is no router per-se involved.  The Mac on which the internet sharing is activated stopped successfully sharing the internet connection after the 10.7.4 (or security) update was applied.  In the most basic formation, a host computer shares the internet connection for other devices to attach over WiFi.  I subscribe to your method of stepping through potential fixes one-by-one to get to a solution.  Looking through the thread, it would appear that those steps have been taken and the ball is squarely in Apple's court.


    Looking forward to a solution!!  My data allowance is taking a hammering in order to keep my laptop online in the office...  Thanks to umma08 especially for dealing with Apple.

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    no word from Apple yet, i am afraid.


    The advisor said he would contact me as soon as it was resolved. Hoping it will be today at some stage! also very glad that there is a computer in our lab still on 10.7.3 - god bless those that dont get itchy trigger fingers on the updates!

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    Welp, in the meantime, I have reinstalled Lion and the 10.7.3 combo updater. Internet sharing works fine again—and so does Wi-Fi sync, so I think I will stick with 10.7.3 until I hear of a fix. A few friends with iMacs had the same problems as I did, but hopefully it'll get sorted out soon enough!

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    I am having major internet sharing issues since doing the update as well.  My internet sharing WIFI that "was" connecting to my iPad, my Apple TV, and my MacBook Pro, all originally being shared from my iMac is now bust.  If I go into the settings and change the SSID and/or password I will be able to connect very temporarily, ie. less than 10 seconds, and then the devices won't connect at all, despite the fact that it the WIFI shows up on each device--it just won't connect and continues to cycle.


    This is incredibly frustrating...

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    It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.  There were fixes in there that are advisable, but when a patch breaks something, it's counterproductive (for those affected).  The symptoms I'm experiencing are exactly the same as yours though.  I saw the update appear in my list for the laptop yesterday too, and even though I don't intend to use internet sharing from that particular machine, I've not yet run the update...

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    Hi all!!! Anyone tried this method of solving the problem: ???

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    no, thanks.


    i would rather wait for Apple to fix the issue, as it seems they have caused it.


    As an update, i received this email from Apple support today...



    They got back to me earlier this morning and have asked me to collect some more information.

    It will include sending you an application to install which will collect all the network and diagnostic data from 3 of the macs. I realise you are at a University, will this interfere with your security/data protection policy?





    i guess this means that they wont be fixing the issue any time within the next day or two, as i have yet to get an email back regarding the things that i must install....:-(


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    Thats the same thing i got from them:



    Thanks for contacting AppleCare.

    Attached to this email is the Capture Data application that we will need to run on your system to try and resolve your current technical query.

    Attach outcome of Capture Data application to an email and reply to above email address.




    As i am too in a Uni i cant really send data that i cannot review before sending back


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    Guys, this method really works. Testing for 3 hours - normal flight:))). I think it's a great temporary solution is better than nothing...

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    I am also having this problem: 10.7.4 update killed by Internet Sharing. 


    Internet Sharing is crucial to me and those that live with me.  That's 5 devices taken out of action as a result (2 iPhones, 1 iMac, 1 AppleTv, 1 MacBook Air) of this update. 


    Please let me know how I can help pressure Apple to fix this quickly, I'm brand n00bian.  They should certainly make it easier to restore a previous version of an operating system for those who don't Time Machine their whole machines.

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    is you have support still on any of your machines, i would say that you should contact apple, telling them of your problems. The more people that do this, the faster it will get resolved. I was told four days at max, and it has now passed four days (perhaps he meant working days!). I will have to email the support guy again tomorrow, and see if there has been any resolution. It is starting to get frustrating now :-(

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    What's the address to use?

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