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Saksinatra Level 1 (0 points)

I'm really fed up to wait for this announcement ! 2 years and a half since the last release ?

De qui se moque t-on ?


Saks, "photographe professionnel" from France

  • Chamar Level 4 (2,105 points)

    Nobody from Apple here.  We are just fellow users.  I gave up on Aperture years ago and use Photoshop.  Granted a lot more expensive but it does produce results and does have an upgrade plan.


    Basically the reason for my changing to iMacs from Windows, having observed fellow professional photographers. Photoshop integrates well.  Now a very satisfied LR4 and CS6 user.

  • Saksinatra Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Chamar,


    I'm sure LR4 is a great tool too. Actually I can perform 90% of my work with Aperture and the 10 remaining ones with


    Weak point in Aperture is mainly (as far as I'm concerned) the noise reduction processing.

    May be I'll switch to LR again (I used to work with it some years ago)... if Aperture 4 does not come out quickly ;-)


    Cheers (and apologize for my english speaking...)



  • Keith Barkley Level 5 (6,040 points)

    If your only problem with Aperture is the noise reduction, you might want to check out Noise Ninja. You might not need Aperture 4. 8^)

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Good point.  I'd like to add a call-out for Nik DFine (which I use).  It allows fine-tuning of the NR (which I'm not sure NN does).


    Here's a good blog post with excellent examples of DFine used by a skilled practitioner.

  • Lt.Tuvok Level 1 (40 points)

    Let's hope we hear something about a release date at WWDC 2012 on June 11.

  • Andreas Yankopolus Level 2 (415 points)

    I've gotten sick enough of Aperture's bugs and the glacial speed of raw support for new cameras to download a trial version of Lightroom 4.1 RC 2 this morning. It happily reads the raw files from my brand-new Olympus EM-5 and can quit without hanging infinitely. If I'm going to jump ship from Aperture to Lightroom, timing it with a new camera seems reasonable enough.


    It would be one thing if Aperture could read DNGs created from EM-5 raw files, but they can't even get that right. I've been with Aperture since v1.5 and have tens of thousands of images in my library, but enough is enough.



  • AmateurBob Level 1 (10 points)

    It's sad isn't it? At one point many professionals used it but Apple's refusual to understand that professional users need to see a plan and a schedule (a la Adobe) means that people are moving away. The abandoning of MobileMe, of which I was never a fan, undermined some web sites I had and I see Icloud as the same sort of ephemeral marketing gimmick. While they don't make advance announcements maybe their obsession with consumer level products is a clue. Oui, ils nous raillent.

  • jstubblefield Level 1 (0 points)

    I have been searching on Aperture 4 for a couple of days.


    I found this today.



    Apple Wins Aperture Related Patent


    Apple has received a Granted Patent that relates to Aperture, Apple's image editing application that allows users to quickly preview images and to edit images in addition to organizing them.


    Aperture further provides a quick preview tool for foregoing the loading of a particular image in the display area after the particular image has been selected. Specifically, for each particular image, Aperture maintains or generates a preview image. In place of a particular image, the quick preview tool when selected causes the image editing application to only load the preview image of the particular image for full or partial display in the display area. When the quick preview tool is not selected, the image editing application loads each image in its entirety for full or partial display in the display area

  • jono.l Level 1 (0 points)

    jstubblefield, that looks like the current preview system (the "p" key).

  • dbmoore Level 1 (105 points)

    Maybe they will fix the big color elephant in the room    Bug         Fix in AP4 ?????




    Take a large color Tiff file like Adobe98 and add a solid color fill like (72, 182, 70)  into a selection, (collapse all layers).  Import that image into AP and look at the previews and thumbnails of the color green.It looks hosed, darker, dead.   Export that image out of AP3.2.4 via versions with no adjustments and the image is not the same as the original before importing. Color loss occurs via importing and Exporting.  This happens in other colors but green is pretty easy to see.  Stack them in PS layers and set the layer mode to Difference for a final proof


    This has been mentioned many times here and Apple know about.   Please AP4

  • CtrlAltDel Level 1 (0 points)

    Well if patience is a virtue than Mac users must be a pretty virtuous bunch, given that Apple have finally announced Aperture 4 at WWDC. I'm looking forward to the reviews, and feature comparisons with Lightroom 4. I'm currently a happy LR4 user, but the unified Aperture/iPhoto library would be a big draw for me. If they can manage to support archiving to DNG then Apple might just get a convert.

  • Terence Devlin Level 10 (137,945 points)

    given that Apple have finally announced Aperture 4 at WWDC.


    Did they? I only saw 3.3

  • CtrlAltDel Level 1 (0 points)

    Doh! You're right. I'm not sure why they made such a big hoopla out of a point update then...

  • Nigel Incubator Jones Level 1 (0 points)

    I just opened Aperture, selected some images and looked for 'Burn Disc'.

    You have got to be kidding. There is no 'Burn Disc' menu item.


    I only use Aperture to catalog my images because I cannot disable Faces in iPhoto and my drive gets filled up with thousands of little face pictures.

    I upload to a folder and import into Lightroom, then process and export finished jpgs into Aperture. Yes it's an extra step but imagine a 2600 image wedding shoot loaded onto Aperture??

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