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how do I xfer files from ipad to imac and vice versa?


so much for cloud and i dont have dropbox (didnt trust it - f(r)iend had access to it and changed what she wanted)

imac 20" and mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Well, I use Dropbox.  But I don't let others have access to my account (that would be dumb )


    Alternatives include emailing files to yourself, or using iTunes to the extent that some apps let you move files using it.  Some apps also allow you to transfer files using a local wifi connection where the iPad is considered a "server".  Quickoffice Pro offers this capability.

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    Many thanks for that


    bit of a dope, I know. She was showing me how to use Dropbox...


    i'll use itunes.


    many thanks for your help - and so quick (& all the way from the US! Im impressed - i love technology )