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  • fcustodio Level 1 Level 1

    Hello Ian,


    I had a very similar problem after my upgrade to 10.7.4. I have a late 2009 MacBook.


    After the upgrade, although the magic mouse connected successful, the cursor would simply not move. After a reset, it would seem to work for a couple of minutes (although with erractic behaviour) and then freeze.


    I noticed the following entries in my kernel.log, repeating every 30 seconds:


    May 10 22:58:37 MacBook-de-Filipe-Custodio kernel[0]: REQUIRE failure: inDataSize >= bytesToSend - file: /SourceCache/IOBluetoothFamily/IOBluetoothFamily-4050.4.11/Core/Family/HCI/IOBl uetoothHCIController.cpp:9905

    May 10 22:58:44 MacBook-de-Filipe-Custodio kernel[0]: REQUIRE failure: destinationDevice != NULL - file: /SourceCache/IOBluetoothFamily/IOBluetoothFamily-4050.4.11/Core/Family/HCI/IOBl uetoothHCIController.cpp:9881


    This led me to this old post:



    I followed the steps in the post:

         - Delete the mouse from bluetooth preferences

         - Reset PRAM (SMC was not necessary)

         - Reconnect the mouse


    For me it worked! I hope it helps you too!


    Best regards,


    Filipe Custódio

  • gtmagnet Level 1 Level 1

    Sounds like you restarted a number of times. Did you ever SHUTDOWN the computer? There is a big difference between the two. Shutdown removes power from the BT module, restart does not. Sometimes this helps.

  • valtteri Level 1 Level 1

    I had been experiencing really strange symptoms after trying to get Magic Mouse working under Bootcamp Windows 7. As I'd been tampering with the Bluetooth setting on the Win side, I'd restarted the computer multiple times and during all this probably tampered with quite a few different things, thinking this would not carry over to the OS X side. I never shut down the computer during this.


    After booting OS X, Magic Mouse paired up and connected, but the symptoms were as follows:

    • upon lifting the mouse up from the table only a few centimeters, the cursor would jump to a random coordinate on the screen
    • scrolling (or swiping for that matter) did not work
    • Bluetooth settings would not load up, overall sluggishness with everything related to Bluetooth


    My console was spewing out the same logs as fcustodio's. Following gtmagnet's advice, I simply shutdown the computer, powered it up, and voila! Everything was back to normal - Magic Mouse is now working perfectly!


    So anyway, thanks for the simple but EFFECTIVE advice, gtmagnet!

  • si71 Level 1 Level 1

    PRAM reset did the trick.

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