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Let say you hypelink from some number (1) to some bookmark somwhere else  in the text. Once you get there and read. How would you return back to the page you hyperlink from?


As a solution I have created a hyperlink back from the bookmark itself that points to the place it came from. This idea works in iBookAuthor but when I preview on the iPad it does not.


Any ideas?


Is this necessary?

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    If you create a standard epub, such as what Apple's Pages generates, this type of navigation is available by default.


    If you want this scheme in iBA, I think you'll need to create two links that point to each other for each example.

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    That is what I did (I am using iBook Author) and it seems to work in iBook Author but when I preview this on the ipad it does not behave the same. I think this must be a bug on Preview.

    In the iPad when I touch the hyperlinked bookmark it returns to the previus page and not to the original bookmark.

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    If you think there is a bug in preview, Share/Export as an .ibooks file, then drop it onto iTunes, then sync to your iPad and test as a release version.


    And instead of linking to each other, create two bookmarks and two hyperlinks... 2 pair instead of one. They will need to be right next to each other and you'll need to label them and I think that ruins the final product, but hey, that's just my opinion - good luck.

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    Ok just figure out a work around

    I looks that it happens when reference are circular.


    What I mean by that is that if I am hyperlinking to a bookmark and the book mark is hyperlinking back to the original hyperlink then that causes problem with preview. I try hyperlinking back from the bookmark to something else other than the original word and that worked.