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I want to burn an idvd project to a disc and it says it requires a DVD-R but the problem im having is that it will go into the disc slot but after a few seconds it ejects and it will not show up on the desktop either! Does anyone know how to fix this?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Did you try another disc? Sometimes it's just that individual disc that's defective.


    If not, in check the list of disc types for your SuperDrive in System Profiler against the packaging for your disk to ensure that your drive can burn/read that type. With all the "+s" and "-s" -- and the dual vs. single layers, it can get confusing sometimes -- combined with the fact that some blanks just don't work with the SuperDrive.

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    Then, if the Mac in question is no longer quite "fresh out of the box", dust and contaminants on the lens can make the already finicky SuperDrive positively cranky. Try getting one of those brush-type optical drive cleaners for slot-loaders and give it a couple of passes; maybe that will clear up the problem. My previous MBP's SD would get petulant like a spoiled child, and the cleaning disk would set it back on the true path.

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    Apples suggestions on dealing with the optical drive are contained in this link:





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    I ended up simply blowing off  the disc and after many tries it worked. Thanks for all your suggestions!!