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  • Howard Brazee Level 1 (15 points)

    Now that's scary.


    I reinstalled Lion and it didn't help (the fix permissions had its normal non-effect).


    So I took it to the Apple store again, and they couldn't solve it.   Then ended up saying that I need to clear my disk, reinstall, then restore from back-ups.    He was going to empty the disk at the Apple store, but since I did drop my backup drive earlier today, I told him I would do it.


    I went home, and told Time Machine to do a backup (it was delayed).   While that was happening, I went to my computer and noticed I'm not alone.     Now I think I should wait to try my solution until we get further feedback.


    My wife's computer is the last year with the old keyboard - and the last year with the box with the tab to make it easy to carry.   My computer is a year newer.    2007 seems about right.

  • X423424X Level 6 (14,215 points)

    I don't think you can fix this problem.  As you can see two more users posted here with the same problem and now there's a third user posing in yet another thread about the same problem:


    Can you help me recover my screen resolution options in system preferences?

  • MelvinMoo Level 1 (15 points)

    The only way restoring a backup is going to fix this problem is if the backup is 10.7.3 or earlier..  Any install of 10.7.4 will result in this problem on these older iMacs.  A defect was opened with Apple on this issue prior to release of the 10.7.4 update.  Until they issue a fix for this then you are stuck with these two resolutions if you want to run 10.7.4 version.  I think this is probably brought on by changes made as they try and move forward and are looking at supporting higher "retina" display options for some new hardware in the pipeline.   Not the answer any of us want to hear...  I'm just hoping the new hardware comes sooner rather than later.  I was told that Mountain Lion developer builds will not install on this hardware at all.  It's been a great hardware platform though.. but I'm looking forward to upgrade. 

  • Howard Brazee Level 1 (15 points)

    So how do we make sure Apple is working on a fix?

  • JazzmanJohn Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey, everybody, it looks like we have identified a real problem for all who own older iMacs. Is Apple trying to make us buy new ones or what? Imagine that. Suppose this was a business decision on their part? It really turns me off from everything I've known about Apple all these years. Before we jump to conclusions however, I encourage everyone to email tech support, report the problem and request a fix. Meanwhile, I ask anyone who has this problem to post it here so we will all get a feel for how widespread the problem really is. Those two resolutions now available on my iMac, 1920x1200 and 960x600, have turned my machine into an inferior piece of equipment for sure. Please keep this discussion going.

  • JazzmanJohn Level 1 (5 points)

    Many of you may already know this, but I received a great tip from Jenna in tech support this morning if you use a trackpad with your old iMac. I don't like the 1920x1200 display option, so this works if you set the display to 960x600. Go to system preferences>universal access, and be sure zoom is set to off. Go into options, and be sure "use scroll wheel with modifier keys to zoom" is checked. Then, no matter where you go on your iMac or what program you are using, you can zoom in or out on any page anywhere on your iMac just by holding down the control key and moving 2 fingers up or down on your trackpad. This, at least, is a temporary fix for some of us.


    Meanwhile, please continue to bombard tech support with emails about this problem. It is the only way we have a chance of getting a fix in future software updates.

  • Legs Hong Kong Level 1 (0 points)

    OK I'm joining in, a bit later than the rest.  I have the same problem with my 6 year old iMac but not with last year's Air.  I played around for a bit and have been in touch with support twice, on their instructions I have done everything you guys have done and it has not fixed the problem.  So I guess that for time being  it is back to 10.7.3.  But I think the boffins should work out what is causing the problem and give us a fix.


    That said I suppose 6 years for a computer is not bad.  I had that out of my original Wang and was quite happy.  I'll probably go to the new one, just as I will get an iPhone 5 because my iPhone 3 does not sync any more with calendars and address book.

  • Howard Brazee Level 1 (15 points)

    But is Apple going to give us a clue about whether this is a problem that it is working on?

  • JazzmanJohn Level 1 (5 points)

    Do they EVER give us a clue about ANYTHING?

  • Howard Brazee Level 1 (15 points)

    Well the geniuses had her computer working again with all of the modes visible - until today when the upgrade ran again, breaking her display options.


    Now what?

  • Legs Hong Kong Level 1 (0 points)

    Only solution I have found is back to 10.7.3 using Time Machine.  It's annoying when the computer is otherwise working fine.  But again my iPhone 3 is out of date because one cannot sink calendars and address book over the air - I suppose it all a sales gimmick?

  • DaveOrz Level 1 (10 points)
  • DaveOrz Level 1 (10 points)

    If you want to try and switch to another resolution that is not being listed (i.e. not 960 x 600), this utility provides the ability via the terminal window at the command line.  It also provides what resolutions the display supports, and will prohibit the user to force a resolution not supported.


    This utility will provide an important datapoint in debugging this issue.  That being:

    WiIl it list all the resolutions that were available before, or only the two available now?


    If it lists them all, then you can change to the one you want.


    The link to the utility:


    The discussion thread with our issue that pointed me to it:


    An example output of the display info executed on my iMac9:


    Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 3.31.54 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 3.32.29 AM.png

  • JazzmanJohn Level 1 (5 points)

    Not being a computer geek, I have a couple of questions:


    1. How do I find /usr/local/bin on my iMac? I tried a search and didn't come up with it.


    2. How do I ensure the directory I chose is in my PATH?


    I'm not really sure what I am doing, so please clarify these two issues form me. thanks.

  • DaveOrz Level 1 (10 points)

    You do not need to put it in your path.  I can tell you how, but that is ovekill at this point.  Let's wait to see if you need it in your path first. You can execute the file without it being in the path. 


    Are you familiar enough to open Terminal and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the util?


    If so, do that.

    Then type:


    ./scrutil h


    MUST include  ./



    Message was edited by: DaveOrz I'll stand by for a while, maybe you are still around.

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