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I transcoded red footage using redcinex instead of fcp, now as I was going to reingest, fcp obviously doesent recognise my batch capture comand.


What other ways do I have to reconform back to RED NATIVE so I can grade in Color.

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • Shane Ross Level 8 (42,690 points)

    Google "RED FCS Whitepaper" and download the PDF that walks you through the workflow to reconform the cut in Color, linking to the RED RAW files.


    It's always advisable to thoroughly research your workflow BEFORE you start editing.

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    Shane your pearls of wisdom have helped me in the past, but dogmas are only apropriate for normal cenarios. I should also explain better but didnt want to spend all that time writting.


    I did do extensive research but was forced by an unexperienced crew and DIT to not used my tradicional workflows (#1 #2 of the whitepaper)


    I have tried before coming here to reconform in cinex and also tried workflow #3.


    Im not sure what is happening but cinema tools doesent recognise any of the footage and when I try to reconform on cinex I have to do it clip by clip and cant get a timeline.

    EDL out of fcp into color also doesent seem to be working.


    My only solution seems to be using the log and transfer window in FCP and transfer everything as native and then reconect and send to color.


    Its fine for the 30sec piece but its going to be painfull on the longer piece.


    The DIT trancoded in redcinex, I have received redcinex files before and had no issue reconforming but something must be corrupt I cant do any of the sugested workflows. Was hoping someone knew another way, heard something about reconforming with Storm...

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    Ahh...pardon my assumption. So many people don't research and paint themselves into a corner.  Excuse me.


    I have only worked with transcoded RED footage as ProRes, so I haven't had to conform. No real world experience to add here.  Sorry.

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    switch to premier....no proxies...hate to say it but apple really is dropping the ball....file support is so crucial....