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This is my first effort at Soundtrack, I need to edit a 14 min audio track (mp3 to AIFF) to use on a CD. I played with Soundtrack a bit, found the track and various buttons. My first impression is that I can do this edit with Timeslice? I'm used to marking in/out points in FCP but can't see that here. I have the manual and am reading, just would like a bit of advice.

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    Not sure how your title relates to your question.


    If your reading the manual you probably have already figured this one out? To edit drag your audio file in a new multi track project. Forget about in and out points you don't use them like you do in FCP. Just drag the end endless of the file to lengthen or shorten the in and out points, and use the S key to do cuts. Hope this helps.

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    Post was done ages ago, should have marked it. btw where are you in Alberta, I know a lot of filmmakers there, also lived there in 80's.