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Forkelm Level 1 Level 1

I fogot my answers to my security questions what do i do

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1
  • iAloody Level 1 Level 1

    Me too I can't download anything !!!!!! :((((((((

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    Me too. What do I do?

  • Encore.Tran Level 1 Level 1

    me too

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    Me too.  Very frustrating.  I Called Apple, and they sent a link to Express Lane...Which offered to get me an e-mail response within 24 hours...No option for instant chat...I needed an answer today.


    OK, it's my fault for forgetting my answers.  But the questions are very subjective.  Did my parents meet in Los Angeles, or should I say, Santa Monica.  I could give interchangeable answers on this depending on the day. 


    My favorite car that I have owned??  I have had two favorites...


    I've searched for an answer to this problem...It does not appear that there is a solution other than Express Lane.  Hopefully Apple notices the number of questions related to this issue.

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    Me too I can't do any thing or download any thing

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    This is horrible business practice. I had Rachel from Apple security tell me I could get ahold of Itunes and get a refund but they couldnt do anything else. I have the new Iphone 5 and was just trying to purchase an app but will not let me in to do it because I can not verify my first teacher or my wifes ( we share account always have). I have 2 Ipods, 1 Ipad, 1 Iphone4s and 1 Iphone 5. I have 4 children. I was going to be adding Aplle TV, another Ipad and a Ipod for christmas, but not after the customer service provided yesterday and today. I was Told that my options were given to me ie( answer the security questions or forget it) AND THEN SHE HUNG UP this was after 45 minutes of my sunday.

  • Velskud Level 3 Level 3

    Usually you will need to contact iTunes store support but this workaround may help:


    -On the device/computer that is asking you for the security questions go to "settings", > "store" > tap the Apple ID and choose view"Apple ID" and sign in.


    - Tap on payment information and add a credit/debit card of your preference then select "done", in the upper right corner


    - Sign out and back into iTunes on the device by going to "settings"> "store" > tap the Apple ID and choose "sign-out" > Tap "sign -in" > "use existing Apple ID" and you should be asked to verify your security code for the credit/debit card and NOT the security questions.


    - At this time you can remove the card by going back in to edit the payment info and selecting "none" as the card type then saving the changes by selecting "done". You should now be able to use your iTunes store credit without answering the security questions.

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    Velskud you are awesome! This worked for my Iphone 5!

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    That's great! I'm glad it helped you.

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    I really hope this works!! Thanks for the great information!!

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    It will work