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I have purchased iCloud and it is now four days since I started to install the software.   iCloud appears to stop installing when my password protections comes on.  I have therefore taken that off until the software is installed. 


How long should it take to install?  I have over 5686 records to bring matched.  The software appears to have checked 5685 and cannot seem to get beyond that number,  I have stopped the software and restarted it once but I still end up in the same position.


I also started to transfare some images in to photostream and thought this might have been the problem. However photostream has completed the installation of my images now but iCloud still continues.


Can I have some advice please.




MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), iOS 5.1
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    Not sure what you are trying to install. iCloud is in System Perferences on OS X 10.7.2 or later. There is nothing to download. Or we're you trying to set up an account?

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    It's the iTunes Match am referring to which has taken 3 days to install and is still going. Am sure it's not supposed to take this length of time.



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    iTunes Match can initially take a very long time to scan your library. Using other iCloud services such as photo stream will not have an effect on iTunes Match.


    It should eventually move onto the last song and finish the scan, although 3 days is a very long time for it to be stuck. My library is 1590 songs and took around 12 hours to complete. If it continues to be stuck for a day or two I would suggest restarting the scan.

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    Sadly, I have stopped using iTunes Match because it still hasn't installed all over my music. It took four days and still wasn't finished.  I have incurred extra cost on the usage from my internet provider and feel I have wasted my money and its costing me extra expence to use.........