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I seems can't find a solution to my macbook(2009-2010) edition to boot up correctly with Lion or other OS X. Main issue of reinstalling was because the macbook had a Snow Leopard and were stuck on Apple logo.


After long hours of reinstalling, reformating two different HD's, and repartitioning, etc..


When i finally got to installed OS X Lion to the same HD that i had when it was stuck on Apple Logo. It was working fine, did the apple updates, and multiple reboot to make sure it's fully working. Then the next day i start the macbook and once again it was stuck on the Apple logo.


However, i discovered a temporarily solution and was not expecting to work. I plugged the Hard Drive to a USB-to-Sata adapter via USB to the macbook. So at this point there is NO HD inside the macbook via eSata connector. Start the machine and choose boot from the USB-to-Sata adapter, OS X Lion started and bypass the apple logo. Tested it for good 3 hours via USB and did not freeze nor had any issue.


But once i connect the HD back inside the macbook using the sata connecter cable, it just stuck on apple logo(grey screen). BTW, when i go to recovery mode i am able to see the HD along with two partitions that i have partioned. But when i use another HD that partitioned with MAC compatability sometimes it sees it and sometimes it doesn't see it on Disk Utility.


Could i just have a faulty sata connecter cable? I'm wondering if any had this issue before i replace the cable.


Thank You!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)