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  • Johnny pea Level 1 (0 points)

    I have over 20,500 in match and about 270 were purchased plus some kids TV shows. However, I know that the store was definitely working just prior to the 5.1.1 update. yes, it maybe coincidence that this is the case but that is where I would start looking. Is it practical for support to arrange for any one of the effected users to test their account on pre 5.1.1 kit? Or can they do this themselves using one of the accounts?


    Ian, I have totally reset this iPad and reloaded and the problem still exists, I would Therefore assume that if support took an iPad with 5.1.1 OS and activated it with my account they should be able to to replicate the problem.


    I have worked in IT for decades and if an issue arose that effected thousands of users and was costing hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost revenue in an enterprise environment it would be all hands to the pumps to get to the root of the problem - it appears a bit ineffectual to say they can't do anything because they can't recreate the problem - I will happily take my iPad or iphone to an apple store if this is needed and I am sure many of the users of this forum would be happy to participate more to get this issue resolved..

  • Gbuzbie Level 1 (0 points)

    12,400 songs, USA, new IPad 64gb Verizon. Just turned match back on and the problem is back also. Could there be a bad App interaction? May 3rd I loaded Spotify and AlbumArt. Is there any commonality with a music based App that came out or updated around the time we started having the problem?

  • Gbuzbie Level 1 (0 points)

    Sound hound updated April 27th.

  • iSRS Level 1 (40 points)

    Total tracks in Music is 9,885 - Total with iCloud Status = Purchased is 513


    Not sure if Podcasts impact, as a couple others mentioned, but over the years, I would guess thousands of podcasts


    new iPad 32 GB WiFi Only


    Turning Match off allows me to browse


    30 GB Internet

  • KeanosMagicHat Level 1 (0 points)

    JP - people have reported having this issue who have not yet installed iOS 5.1.1


    I agree with you that the problem seems to have manifested itself around the time of iOS 5.1.1's introduction, which is why some of us are speculating that whatever changes Apple made on the server side to cater for the latest iOS version may have caused/contributed to this issue.


    Although some people are reporting improvements by switching off iTunes Match, I and others have never subscribed to iTunes Match, but still experience the slow access to iTunes.  For this reason, I don't personally believe that iTunes Match is the root cause of this fault.

  • Dolljaab Level 1 (0 points)

    Slow down problem is still there.

    iPad 2 WiFi 16 GB

    and also on iPhone 4S 32GB

    both with OS 5.1.1

    There was no problem before iOS 5.1.1


    iTunes Match: ~14000 songs

    iTunes purchases: ~2500 songs

    songs on devices: <100

    German iTunes Store


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  • HarzApp Level 1 (0 points)

    iPad 1 WiFi 64 GB

    iPhone 3GS 32 GB

    both with iOS 5.1.1

    no problem before iOS 5.1.1


    iTunes Match:  about 9000 songs

    iTunes purchases: about 500 songs

    songs on devices: about 50

    German iTunes Store

  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)

    I can see that the people with the issue appear to have music libraries around the 5000 track mark or more.


    I tried the following:


    1. Turned off iTunes Match (which in my case has 22,000 tracks)

    2. iTunes Store worked perfectly

    3. Synced 5700 tracks (40GB) of music to my iPad from iTunes on the computer

    4. iTunes Store was very slow again

    5. Reduced the number of tracks synced to the iPad to 300

    6. iTunes Store worked perfectly


    So in my case the store has issues when I have a large library, be that iTunes Match or synced tracks.


    Not sure when the library size starts to become an issue, maybe it gets progressivley worse as the library size increases.   I know that many peoples libraries (like mine) have not changed size and that people have the issue with 5.1 and 5.1.1, so it looks more and more like a server side issue when the library on your iPad is large.


    Maybe it is an indexing issue on the server, a misssing or incorretly defined index on a relational database often manifests itself by causing queries on a database to slow down as the number or items in the database increases.  As we are causing a query to occur when we visit the iTunes Store, that uses the library to check if tracks are already present in the iPad (so you can see them as 'installed' or 'downloadable' when in the store). 

  • pogbellies Level 1 (5 points)

    Probably should have mentioned:


    Total songs - 4202 (on Match)

    Purchased - 1400 (approx)

    On iPad - 1117

    Podcasts - less than 20


    Problem exists with Match on and off.

    Software version 5.1.1

    30meg broadband and 8 meg broadband (problem is the same on both).


    Laptop does not display the same problem, that said it is slower than it used to be on iTunes.

    iPhone 4S 16gb while marginally faster than iPad 2 32gb does show the same symptoms.

    UK iTunes store.

  • pogbellies Level 1 (5 points)

    Interesting you should say that; one of the other little foibles it's developed recently is when I select a song On the iPad (in a mixed list of Match and stored on the device) it frequently starts playing the song adjacent to the one I had selected.

  • nealfromcleveleys Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had this issue for about 2 weeks now. iTunes app is slow on both my iPhone 4 and iPad 3rd generation. The problem seems to be limited to podcasts with large numbers of episodes, when trying to select one the app becomes non responsive and freezes.


    iPad 3rd Gen 64gb 3g. (UK)


    Total songs in library: 1035


    iPhone 4 32gb (UK)

    IO 5.1 

    Total Songs in Library 1300


    couple of things to note: I don't have match, and my iPhone isn't running 5.1.1

    Have just tried deleting all songs off my ipad and now iTunes app is working as it should... not really acceptable though!

    Have raised a call with apple support, awaiting feedback.

  • Pamphleteer Level 1 (0 points)

    I went into genius with this issue because Itunes crashes constantly after updating to 5.1.1 (new ipad). They did a firmware reinstall and said the diagnostics list was showing inadequate memory when using itunes.  They said to take it home, try it out and see what happens.

    Went home - problem persisted so I sent it into apple repair.

    Just got a response in my email from them saying they couldn’t duplicate the problem and are sending back my ipad.  Naturally, they didn’t have all my songs on the ipad when they got it - so this makes me think it definitely has to do with the library size.


    In the meantime, I give up trying to deal with it. I’ve had 3 tech calls, a genius appointment, and now a mail in service...with no help.

  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)

    I have had an update from Apple engineering.

    After sending quite a few trace files of the issue on my iPad using Charles software, giving them the results of others tests and info from your posts about the size of music libraries etc they have made some progress.


    They have reproduced the issue and it has been tracked down to an iOS problem that manifests itself with large music libraries.


    They are working on a fix, but I don't have any info about when it might be resolved though.


    If I get any further updates I will of course let you know.



  • ...I've Been Tired Level 1 (0 points)

    Have been having the same slow iTunes problem too, mostly using "Search". Unfortunately I never enabled "Match" and confirmed that it was still turned off - so I'm none the wiser on how to improve things. I have restored my iPad a couple of times and this make no difference. My iPhone 4S breezes through the same search using the same Wi-Fi connection, so don't really know what to try next.

  • iSRS Level 1 (40 points)

    Thanks, Ian. Glad you were able to get them to see the issue.


    To ...I've been tired... The reason the 'Turn off Match' workaround works for those with match, we don't have many songs physically stored on the device, so when we turn it off, our library size is significantly smaller.

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